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Oct 7, 2008

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Transsexual differences caught on brain scan

Ain't these so called scientists got better and more important things to discover/cure. Who cares about the difference in brain matter, its not going to help towards acceptance and a tolerant let live society. Why try and reason or dream up an excuse for the differences between genders fer christs sake. It's the narrow minded, and the homophobes who have issues and problems.  (Sep 29, 2011 | post #7)

Orange County Choppers

OCC builds a chopper for McCain

Take a basic, practical, Harley motorcycle, give it to OCC and watch them turn it into an abortion. I am going to ask them to build me a bike themed on a garbage truck, when they say we will see what we can come up with - I will say - no need, any of them fuckers in your showroom will do.  (Sep 29, 2011 | post #16)

Britons killed by floods in Spain

The father was on his way back from a brief trip to England. The river bed the four were trying to cross is normally dry but fills with water during heavy rainfall. Rescue workers found the dead women's bodies at midnight on Thursday after an intense search near the village of L'Olleria, an hour's drive from Valencia. A spokesman for L'Olleria's town hall said: "Everyone in the area is shocked at what happened. "One of the survivors is the mother's other daughter and the twin of the dead girl. She was waiting for her mum and twin sister to cross before she followed." The British Embassy in Spain said local consular officials were providing assistance to the family. A source said: "Mr Cullen only found out about the tragedy after he arrived in Spain yesterday. "He'd been back to Britain and returned to Spain as scheduled and not because he knew what had happened. We understand he was met at the airport as he landed and told the devastating news." The Valencia region has had a heavy downpour in recent days. Rainwater inundated streets, tunnels and garages and blocked roads and railway lines in the Mediterranean region. Valencia and nearby ports were closed and ferries cancelled. The dad was told at the airport. He had no idea it had happened SOURCE AT THE BRITISH EMBASSY  (Oct 11, 2008 | post #1)

One-quarter of wild mammals face extinction, survey finds

Eh! How many years at university do you need to come up with that kind of brainstorm. Please don't tell them about dinosaurs, lets have some fun and wait till the release of their papers.  (Oct 7, 2008 | post #2)

Orange County Choppers

OCC builds a chopper for McCain

And you think that is the lowest they would stoop for free publicity. These people are so transparent.  (Oct 7, 2008 | post #3)

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