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Feb 19, 2008

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WISH-TV 8 Indiana News

Jane Pauley campaigns for Obama

Wow! Conservative apparently means to be narrow minded, hateful, biggotted and spiteful. Bush and McCain both take an attitude of superiority and that has certainly worked well!! It was a refeshng to see Bush humbled when begging the American public to accept his bail out plan. Instead of favoring their wealthy friends on Wall Street over the past 8 years but taking on a more responsible attitude with what is best for the whole country, we would not be in an illegal and mind numbingly expensive war in Irag and thousands of people would not be unemployed and/or losing their homes now.  (Sep 25, 2008 | post #321)

WISH-TV 8 Indiana News

Hoosiers speak out on bailout

This all started 10+ years ago when fiscally irresponsible and greedy CEO's decided that their personal wealth was more important than anything else. Our government turned away and not only ignored what was happening but actually encouraged both big business and consumers to be a party to this irresponsibility. Now, Bush has decided the best thing to do is to "bail out" Wall Street. Originally, Bush thought the best method was to pass along a check with no restrictions or responsibilities. Bush and McCain have a moronic attitude that the trickle down economic theory and hands off (meaning no regulations) handing of big business is the best policy. McCain is singing another tune now but check his record. CEO's recently walked away from former businesses such as Countrywide, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch with millions of dollars in severance - these are the true criminals. A bail out may be the only way to save this country from a depression that could match or surpass 1929, but not without controls. The idea to allow banks and investment companies to completely fail would not resolve the economic conditions but would excerabate the economic conditions resulting in a complete collapse of this country. Democrats and Republicans need to get beyond their petty political agendas and establish a meaningful method to resolve this to get people back to work, return responsible lending policies and to begin rebuilding the economy in order to regain the confidence of other nations. Otherwise, we may become a protectorate of a middle eastern country or of China. A message to Congress: Get your act together!!!!!  (Sep 25, 2008 | post #2)

Indiana Fever

Fever Trade Center For Forward

Nothing against Kristen Mann who has in the past been a good player but this is the worst decision any franchise has ever made. Why would anyone trade a 6'7" center with the mobility and shooting range that Bales has (who is also a shot blocker and rebounder) for a 6'1" forward? Dunn for some reason failed to give Bales any opportunity to get any substantial time on the court and when she did show any success was quick to replace her - with the success that Bales is having now with Atlanta by getting playing time, makes one question the thinking of Dunn. But, why bother with that concern - Dunn has far more issues to overcome than her past questionable decisions during games.  (Jul 16, 2008 | post #1)

Indiana Fever

Atlanta wins again, defeats Indiana on road

The Atlanta Dream are a better team than their record would indicate and as the players get more and more comfortable with each other they should have even more success. The addition of Alison Bales (maybe the worst trade ever made by the Fever) has added a presence inside in defense and rebounding for the Dream. On the other hand, Mann has been played sparingly (if at all) and has contributed zero to the Fever effort. And, Lin Dunn continues to show that she is an ineffective, mediocre coach who will take what was considered an extremely talented team (with Catching's return) into a .500 season, scratching for an opportunity to even get into the playoffs only to lose in the first round. After all the years of losing what a shame to take an organization that was successful over the past few years and destroy it with some extremely questionable decisions this year. Maybe I gave Kelly too much credit for the prior decisons. The addition of Katie Douglas should have brought this team a championship but instead we are seeing mediocrity.  (Jul 16, 2008 | post #1)

Indiana Fever

Douglas on record pace for Fever

Katie looked mortal against Detroit at Conseco - Katie Smith dogged her the whole game but I think Douglas didn't look like she felt well otherwise. Nice come back against Houston, though. She brings so much more than scoring - defense, leadership. Wonder what she did to help accomplish the task of getting the trade - Whitmore on the down side of her career for Douglas at her peak? Nice to see Tammy break out of her slump too - the week off helped. Now if Tan can show a little more consistency with the return of Catch, this could definitely be the championship year.  (Jun 8, 2008 | post #2)

Indiana Fever

Fever make N.C. State's Whittington only draft pick

Hopefully the greatest snub will turn into the greatest draft day decision for the Fever.  (Apr 17, 2008 | post #2)


Pacer unaware of murder suspect

I can't believe that the Simons will keep tolerating misbehavior by the Pacers players (Williams was not aware Bohannan was at his home - really!!!). Since Donnie Walsh turned over player personnel concerns to Larry Bird, the talent on this team has diminished and the off court problems have increased. It's easy to talk about what needs to be done to improve this team and another thing to actually make positive changes. Unfortunately, due to poor past management (sorry to say but it did start with Donnie when he hired Isiah Thomas as coach)the Pacers are now stuck with limited talent and miscreants. I would hope that Walsh and Bird do understand why the Pacers' game attendance is the worst now in the NBA - it certainly does not take a genius to understand.  (Feb 28, 2008 | post #46)

The Indianapolis Star

Ex-Fever guard DeForge signs with Lynx

To all of those "basketball fans" who enjoy bad mouthing the Fever and women's sports in general, you might want to check to see if you have any manhood. It does not take manliness to find fault with something that brings enjoyment to others. WNBA and women's athletics have progressed significantly over the past 15 - 20 years in spite of those who refuse to admit that women are equals. The WNBA is not in competition with the NBA and women's sports are not in direct competition with men's but they should the opportunity to compete just like the men. By the way, this is not the Middle East and women have had the right to vote for many years. I welcome Katie Douglas back to Indy but hate to see Anna Deforge leave - she is a fantastic player.  (Feb 19, 2008 | post #40)

Indianapolis, IN

New Lilly CEO to draw $1.4M salary

Makes me happy that he will earn this. After almost 40 years of employment, greedy CEO's and senior managers in the mortgage lending industry caused me to lose my job. At 60 years old, there just isn't a lot of interest in me with potential employers. I hope they continue to enjoy their lives and I am sure as they are eventually bought out of their respective positions they will be fairly compensated for their incompetencies.  (Feb 19, 2008 | post #7)