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Jun 7, 2008

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California Dems push gay rights in wake of Prop. 8 vote T...

Excellent idea, but try telling that to these guys! http://www.broowah id=4488 or this guy http://www.broowah id=4468  (Jan 21, 2009 | post #12)


Kenneth Starr Seeks To Revoke Marriages Already Performed

And this article addresses the fundies who put him up to sucj nonsense. http://www.broowah id=4488  (Jan 21, 2009 | post #24)


Kenneth Starr Seeks To Revoke Marriages Already Performed

This article about ken starr says it all! http://www.broowah id=4468  (Jan 21, 2009 | post #23)

El Cerrito, CA

Judge near to deciding whether to try ex-coach in molest ...

Personally, I find Lori Frugoli’s argument to be an interesting insight into how she practices law. I think we can all understand that a lawyer’s job is to win, and certainly no one can doubt Prosecutor Frugoli’s efforts to do so. However, it is a special position that prosecutors are sworn to; for it is they who hold the power to take away liberty, reputation, and even to end lives, if not literally then certainly figuratively. The people blindly put their faith and trust into the hands of prosecutors and expect that all people will be prosecuted only with integrity. Good prosecutors understand that there is often times a disconnect between what is moral and what is legal, and the good prosecutor understands that the spirit of the law is to try to bridge the two together, even though no true connection actually exists. History has proven that law is often times dictated by social prejudice, not morality, and history has also proven that many prosecutors will exploit those prejudices to accrue convictions and build up their careers. For example, in times past, “new laws” were created to criminalize marriages between mixed races. Many prosecutors were involved in creating those laws and they benefited for decades from the convictions that ensued. History has also shown that there are always at least a few good prosecutors; those who do not practice law in a self serving way, and who are truly committed to protecting the community. Those are the prosecutors who may not have the most notches in their conviction belts, but they have bragging rights when the law is finally able to bridge itself with what is right, because they can genuinely say they were never part of the problem. ;Lori Frugoli, in my opinion, has proven herself over the last twenty-two months to be part of the problem. This journey may have began for Lori Frugoli as just another investigation into an accusation, but once she realized that the evidence was incredibly weak and riddled with inconsistencies, a good prosecutor would have dropped the charges instead of becoming more determined to gain a conviction. Lori Frugoli, however, realized that she had a celebrated, honored and decorated member of the community, who just so happens to be gay; and either she decided that his sexuality was proof positive of his guilt, or she decided that his sexuality would be easily exploitable before a cherry picked jury. Either way, she stood to gain plenty from convicting such a well known pillar of the community. The only problem facing her is a legal one: no existing felony has been commited by the defendant. Her solution: create a new felony law. It is obvious to me that Prosecutor Lori Frugoli is akin to the many prosecutors through out history, as opposed to the good. I believe in the marrow of my bones that the community of Marin is mostly decent, enlightened and capable of critical thinking, and I believe that justice will prevail. I also believe, that like times past, this problem will not get resolved until the community creates a consensus and says enough is enough. No more stalling tactics, no more invented accusations, no more coached witnesses, no more attempts to win despite it all. Lori Frugoli needs to know that she is not practicing law in the spirit that Marin Count y wants to become synonymous with. If Judge Faye D’Opal chooses to make history on June 18th by creating special “new laws” to assist this prosecutor, and if this prosecutor chooses to make history by continuing forward with the same disregard for what is right and moral, then I predict that history will remember them and the community badly. We will all become akin to those communities and those prosecutors of days gone by that are now today only remembered for their fear, hatred and intolerance. Lori Frugoli has already etched her history into stone, but we can still choose how history will remember the rest of us.  (Jun 7, 2008 | post #3)

El Cerrito, CA

Judge near to deciding whether to try ex-coach in molest ...

Burgos Case Mirrors McMartin Trial Although it is not the first case of its kind, it is now the longest in California history, exceeding the record previously held only by the now notorious McMartin Preschool case from the eighties. Parallels abound: beginning with the fact that in both cases the accuser is the son of a clinically diagnosed mentally ill woman and comes from a family all too often under the watchful eye of CPS. also in both cases an arrest was made based upon his accusation alone- without evidence to prove a crime had occurred at all. Most disturbingly, however, is the similarity between the prosecution style of the McMartins and the style of our very own Marin Prosecutor, Lori Frugoli, and the MVPD. In their determination to get a conviction, just as those before them, they have pioneered the employment of new investigative procedures; such as "purging " all recordings of the original interviews with the accuser- so that now the defense, nor the judge, nor the jury shall ever hear them. Prosecutor Lori Frugoli is reaching so far as to now attempt a creation of new case law, which would in essence do away with the need to prove intent before being charged with felony restraint, and simultaneously redefine restraint as being in a room alone with a client, patient or student while using the tools of the practice of your trade. The implications of such a new law, if codified, should be giving the professional community chills. After creating a nightmare in the community of Manhattan Beach, the McMartin case lead to three self inflicted deaths and left a trail of crumbled lives, before the accused was finally acquitted. I predict that if Lori Frugoli and the MVPD continue to thumb their noses at history, it will repeat itself. Although justice will ultimately reign upon the accused, just like in the McMartin case, the shattered lives of many innocent people will never be the same again. "Justice for all" did not apply for the community of Manhattan Beach; for the prosecutors and the police went forward with their lives just as comfortably as before; whereas the community and the victims of their witch hunt, were left to try and put their lives back together again.  (Jun 7, 2008 | post #2)

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