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Aug 1, 2008

John Lilburne Profile

Q & A with John Lilburne


Rochdale, England



Local Favorites:

My local hills, my local trails

I Belong To:

Buckingham's Retinue A C15th re-enactment society

When I'm Not on Topix:

either working, somewhere in the late C15th or out on the bike!

Read My Forum Posts Because:

You read everybody else's!

I'm Listening To:

New Model Army & Sub-Humans

Read This Book:

'Freeborn John' - a biography of John Lilburne by Pauline Gregg

Favorite Things:

my cats, my bike, my swords & my armour.

On My Mind:

Why Americans have such a peculiar world view?

I Believe In:

Self-Determination, freedom from religion & the power of chocolate & real ale!