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Dec 11, 2007

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Chicago Bears

United, Bears sign naming rights pact for Soldier Field l...

I suppose this isn't so bad ... but I would just like to go online and go on the record as saying that if they ever, EVER rename Soldier Field, I will not only stop watching the Bears, I would participate in the campaign to to boycott everything associated with the team. So powers that be, please listen up ... Cadillac Club/ United Lounge ... no biggie. Soldier Field ... DOES NOT CHANGE  (Apr 11, 2008 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Will Bears draft Illinois running back Mendenhall?

There's the intangible that no one has mentioned. Mendenhall is from Chicago. I would think that playing for the team he rooted for all his life will be a significant emotional charge for him. So I think at that level he would play better for the Bears than he would else where.  (Apr 5, 2008 | post #22)

Chicago Bears

Time to exorcise Rex Hex

Agreed. I've been pining for McNabb for a while. If we can sign McNabb, that frees up our 1st round for RB. If not, I'd be looking to trade up to draft QB. The Bears suddenly have lots of needs ... at O-Line, Safety, and sadly, at RB. If I'm Angelo, I'm re-signing Briggs and Berrian, letting Rex go, and addressing RB, O-Line, and Safety in the draft.  (Jan 5, 2008 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Briggs says he wants to stay with Bears

Keep Lance. Pay him, he's an excellent LB. Cut Benson, cut Rex, get McNabb, draft a good RB ... one that can catch passes, block and doesn't hop around in the backfield like it's PeeWee league.  (Dec 20, 2007 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Bears squander season of big dreams

I won't say some players didn't play well, but the fall of the Bears should rightly be laid at the feet of Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo. They have been guilty of cronyism. They let good people like Ron Rivera go and replaced them with old crony's from Tampa and St Louis. More than anything, the Bears need a defensive coordinator. I would highly recommend Mike Singletary. As for players, I would get whatever I can for Rex, Cedric, and Adam Archuleta. I would go after Donovan McNabb, and draft a RB in the 1st round. I would spend 2nd and 3rd round picks on safety, O-Line and DT. If they can't get it done with that, I would fire Turner. I'm giving Turner a pass because I saw what his offense can do with a decent QB in Miller days.  (Dec 20, 2007 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

2008 Bears draft?

The Bears need a veteran QB from FA - I'd love to see Donovan McNabb come home. In the draft ... early rounds they need a RB, O-Line and safety. With Urlacher's back and Brigg's issues, they will be keeping their eyes peeled for linebackers too. I would love to see Wolfe get some reps these next couple weeks too. He may be better than we know. Considering how well the Bears seems to do with later picks, and how poorly they've done with early picks, they should consider trading their 1st rounder for a 2nd and a 3rd. I think they'd be better off.  (Dec 14, 2007 | post #15)

Chicago Bears

Teams that need new QBs...Video from NFL this week on yah...

There's a reason people are talking about Rex. THe QB is a the center of the team, and without leadership or confidence inspiration, they can literally bring down a good team. Do the Bears have other problems? Yes. Turner is over rated and I do not know why either of the Turners are commodities in the league. I like Lovey but he has a habit of going after players and coaches he's worked with before, and it hasn't always worked out ... case in point Adam Archuleta. But bringing on a Donovan McNabb would have a drastic immediate positive effect ... on both sides of the ball.  (Dec 14, 2007 | post #4)

US Politics

Which Party Will Help Our Nation The Most?

Foolish ill informed comment. Dr Paul has been saying the same things for 20 years, but only now with Bush using 9/11 as an excuse to shred the Constitution are people waking up to reality. Libertarian doesn't come from the word liberal, it comes from the word "Liberty " ... it's on our money, and it's truly the one and only "American Value". It's what brings us together, and the Constitution requires that government protect it for all it's people. At these levels both the Bush administration and the Democrats are failing miserably. I refuse to refer to the parties in plurality as they are one and the same - they are two factions in a one party system. So Ron Paul didn't steal anything and he damn sure didn't steal it from liberals. America is going to be about Jefferson and Admas for a while, and I say "About time!"  (Dec 12, 2007 | post #13)

US Politics

Ron Paul On Gay Marriage

This is what being in a free society means ... this is what liberty means ... What is it going to take to get both fundies and liberals to understand that Washington is not a giant morality dispenser. We have a republic with 50 states so laws can be localized to meet local specific issues. The Federal government has no business passing any judgement on things like this. If some churches want to marry gay couples that's their choice. If some don't, that's their choice. If you don't approve of gay marriage, attend a church that forbids it. Simple. Employment benefits should go to permanent members of the household regardless of marital status, or even guardianship. If someone is willing to pay the extra premium to extend coverage to someone, who cares how that person is related. Simple.  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #3)

US Politics

Which Party Will Help Our Nation The Most?

I voted Other. The Dems have failed to live up to their promises of ending the war and holding the administration responsible. The Republicans have a real denial issue, and will never give up trying to dominate the world on the taxpayers tab. I voted other because I believe we have alternatives like Paul and Kucinich. I wish more people would exercise them.  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #3)


Dana Perino: "What's the Cuban Missile Crisis?"

No she was caught off guard and was obligated she had no clue about recent major world history. She wasn't especially honest in admitting she's ill informed. BTW, she lies for a living. She does most of Bush and Cheney's lying for them. She lies so big corporations can make billions without concern for who or how many die for it. There all really sweet people up there.  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #258)


Dana Perino: "What's the Cuban Missile Crisis?"

She was hired for the same reason all the female anchors on the news are hired. She is an attractive woman. She is a political operative and knows far more about lying to and manipulating target audiences than she does American history or the Constitution. And like everything else Bush does, it's so laden with corruption and cronyism they cannot make a sound hiring decision. We are witnessing the wicked slowly being undone by their own wickedness. It's fun to watch really.  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #251)

US Politics

Bush: Iran must explain nuclear program

Bush is delusional. This is madness. Everyone in the world knows he has been lying and distorting in order to drum up a war in Iran. The NIE report proved it, as well as proving his rhetoric over the past 90 days has been based on lies. The administration has no credibility whatsoever at this point, and neither do the status quo republicans like Giuliani, Romney and Huchster. Bush's comments in this piece show him to be infantile in his response. To try to turn it around on Iran, and basically yell Oh Yeah?!?! like this is some kind of school yard argument. I am ashamed of our leadership right now. Pelosi should be moving to impeach, remove and prosecute. Instead we have an American president on the world stage screaming like a spoiled brat. Meanwhile the ROn Paul's and the Dennis Kucinich's are framed and referred to as "not cases". Reality check - THe NUT CASES ARE IN POWER!  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #1)

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