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Nov 18, 2012

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Greece Teen Stabbing on Elmers Ave.

Police arrested Greece teen, Travis Tanner, 17 years old, at 3:05 am after a fight that broke out on Elmers ave. with another Greece teen, Nicolas Husic, 18 years old which is now hospitalized and is in serious condition. The fight broke out around 1:30 am after the police were notified from a call of a noise complaint but instead found Nicolas Husic on the scene and was rushed to St. Lukes Hospital. Tanner was found shortly after the stabbing took place and was arrested from his home. Tanner is scheduled to be arraigned later today in Whitesboro criminal court on assault charges.  (Feb 13, 2013 | post #1)

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Nicolas Husic, 18 Found Not Guilty After Trial For Drug B...

Nicolas Husic, 18, Senior of Olympia High School and a successful business owner of a automotive on Eagle St. in Utica, New York, was found not guilty after a violation of probation which Husic was put on after a drug bust on Poe Ave. in May 2012. Husic's charges in the past was several assaults especially with a cop, and a repeat with illegal substances and drugs. Husic was also a part of a assault in 2010 involving a 16 year old teen that led to a horrific scene by beating him with a broken glass bottle. The Charges were against Nicolas Husic and his friend Robert Pondi. There was no evidence proving Pondi had assaulted the teen, only finger prints that proved Husic was the one that assaulted him but Pondi was at the scene when the Police showed up. The Charges were dropped when Police and Investigators told the court, the 16 year old teen assaulted Husic first but not with a weapon, Charges were still given to Nicolas Husic. These charges plus a few more ended up to be a Trial once after the drug bust. The Trial ended October and Husic was supposed to be in a rehab facility but due to medical problems. The Trial was closed November 17, 2012 and Husic is now in probation and house arrest till the time the court gave him. Topix News Article In :Observer Dispatch Whitesboro, NY JohnFallon  (Nov 19, 2012 | post #1)