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Jun 26, 2014

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Lakeland, FL

Small truck stop in Lakeland

I used to pick up loads of scrap paper (I think) from a warehouse or recycling plant in Lakeland. Just down the road, there was a small, dirty truck stop that was at the end of a road that met another road at an L shape. I would drive from the plant, down this small road and straight into the truck stop to weigh the truck, since the loads were heavy and that was the only scale nearby. The people at the plant told me a few back roads to get out of there and head north, and I just remember a long, perfectly straight, 2-lane road going through swampy areas heading north out of there. Looking at the map, highway 471 is the only road perfectly straight like that, but I can't seem to find any kind of industrial area nearby at all. I'm guessing it got built over, but I'm so curious as to where it might have been. I think the truck stop was a Sunoco or Citgo, and might have had a truck repair service there, since there were rusty truck parts scattered around the parking lot. Thank you very much in advance for any info. John  (Jun 26, 2014 | post #1)