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Days of our Lives

Ideas for upcoming Days storylines

I think they should bring Melanie Jonas back. It would be good if they brought Carly back for Bo's funeral but we know that's not going to happen. I can't remember whether Justin and Adrienne attended Will's funeral. If not, that is pretty crappy since Sonny is their son and Will was their son-in-law. You'd think Adrienne would have been there for Lucas.  (Nov 30, 2015 | post #3)

Days of our Lives

Ideas for upcoming Days storylines

Continued: I think they should make the story that Aiden actually was behind his ex-wife/Chase’s mother Meredith’s murder for money and not that Chase accidentally shot her while she was grabbing the gun from a toddler Chase’s hands. This would make good storyline for Chase finding out about this and the lies that were told to him and Hope. Chase thinks his mom committed suicide and that is what the reports says and Hope was told by Aiden that Chase accidentally shot Meredith. They need to stop killing people off now and bring a few people back from the “dead” and bring some fan favorites back as well starting with supposedly dead characters Tony, Lawrence Alamain, E.J., Jack, and Kristen. Then they can bring some living characters back like Susan, Edmund, Violet Crumb, Sister Mary Moira, Andrew Donovan, Kim and Shane Donovan, Jan Spears, Peter Blake, Laura, Craig, Nancy, Anna, Carrie, Austin, Carrie and Austin’s unseen son Aaron Roman Reed (should be made a teen), Johnny and Ali could be made teens while keeping Sydney closer to her real time age, Celeste (to be there for a newly aged Theo), Taylor, Brandon Walker (it would be cool to see him have scenes with all his siblings: Nicole, Taylor, Lani, and Theo), Princess Greta Von Amburg (reveal her real father), Lily Faversham, Billie, Chelsea, Stephanie, Max, Frankie, Carly, Vivian, Melanie, Nicholas Alamain, etc. Rarely mentioned Cassie and Rex are Roman and Kate’s children who wear carried by Marlena have history on the show with many characters including Andre (who was posing as Tony). Bring Kristen back and re-explore her history with Andre whom she thought was Tony and married and give them new scenes together. Bring back Jack and the Jack, Peter, and Jennifer storyline. They should have Dario Hernandez come out as bisexual (since he once dated Melanie) and that realizes he prefers men more than women and be John’s son Paul Narita’s new love interest and possibly former fling. They could also bring back some of the minor and moderate gay characters like Kate’s assistant Chris and the Wentworth character from the early 2000s that liked Jack. I think most fans are okay with and interested in the gay storylines as well but the few that do not like it are very vocal about it and therefore making it look like they are a majority in their view. It disappoints me that some people were missing from Will and Paige’s funerals and probably will be for Bo’s funeral too. People that should have been at Will’s funeral and should be there later at Bo’s funeral are Billie, Chelsea, Philip, Carrie, Austin, Cassie, Rex, Kim, Shane, Theresa, and Brady. Where were Kim and Shane at Paige’s funeral?! Mimi Lockhart should come back and they should bring back Mimi and Philip’s son Tyler. Days should re-explore some old storylines and unresolved storylines and dropped plots. There is still plenty to write about and keep the show interesting and running for some years to come. We should all somehow pass this and other viewers’ views on to Days. I don’t know if they reach out to the fans for ideas for stories or not. We are the viewers who watch the show which keeps it going so I think our thoughts and ideas count for something.  (Nov 30, 2015 | post #2)

Days of our Lives

Ideas for upcoming Days storylines

I was thinking of a few good storylines that Days of Our Lives could do. If Victor has a heart attack or stroke and Daniel is accidentally killed by Eric drinking and driving (like the rumors say about Victor, Daniel, and Eric) the show could have Maggie have a relapse with alcohol but later become Eric’s AA sponsor. They should definitely bring Clyde Weston (and Ben if he still lives later in the show) and the Wesleys back. Like the Donovan sisters, the Westons and the Wesleys have a bad history with Bill Horton’s branch of the family. They could have Clyde take revenge on the Hortons for JJ’s part in his arrest, Kate dumping him (Lucas is her son with Bill), and Abigail’s betrayal of Ben. This would be a good way to bring back Jennifer’s mom Dr. Laura Horton back into the mix. Laura, Jennifer, Lucas (and even his mother Kate), and Mike have an ambivalent history with the Wesleys. We don’t yet know what will become of Ben and who Clyde may blame for whatever becomes of Ben. There is still more to write about Jordan Ridgeway and her past with Clyde and show her reaction to the truth about what Ben had become. If they were going to bring Jordan and Ben’s mom back from the dead, the lady that played Wendy, Abby’s midwife who Ben shot and killed, would be the perfect person to play the role of their mom for she has a resemblance to Jordan, especially with the glasses, and dark hair like Ben. I liked her acting. They need to bring back the same actress as Jordan too. They should have the lady that played Pilar on Passions come to Days to play the mother of Gabi, Dario, Arianna (deceased), and Rafe and be a love interest for Roman maybe. I still think though the show should revisit Kate and Roman. It seemed implied that Eduardo had fathered children with other women besides Rafe’s mom and Eve. They should have an embryo out there somewhere that belongs to Abby and E.J. Now with the new SORASed teens in Salem it would be the perfect time to bring Joy Wesley back. Rumors are that Chloe is coming back. This would be the perfect way to bring Craig and Nancy back. I’d think Joy would be close to being a teen in real time. With Daniel being killed off Parker will need some of his mom’s family in town at some point and as he gets older or maybe later SORASed. I feel there is still more storytelling for the Wesleys. Plus, Nancy makes a great villainess. It would be great to see her take revenge on Kate for the things she did to Chloe and even Vivian too. Certainly argument scenes between Nancy and Victor would be hilarious and awesome. I’d like to see Xander (Cook) Kiriakis back as well. I thought he was a good villain. Wouldn’t he want revenge on Victor and their family? I hated they had Ben Weston kill an interesting character like Serena Mason off but I figure it’s for the sake of good storytelling to have her be the first victim. There is definitely unfinished business between Clyde Weston and the DiMeras, Bradys, Hortons, and Kiriakises. Despite what some say I do believe Clyde is a great and unique villain for the show. Won’t Sami want revenge too for what happened to E.J.?! Everything should come out about the feud between Victor and Clyde and Clyde being behind Sonny being stabbed. The show sort of implied Clyde was a bit on the homophobic side and had ill feelings towards Sonny and Will for their marriage and that he’d had no problem with harming either one of them. That would make him an even scarier villain if they went that route. He would have faced Kate’s wrath had he ever harmed Will or Sonny. It should also come out about the things Stefano and Andre did to Aiden, Bo, and Hope. Hope should seek vengeance on them all.  (Nov 30, 2015 | post #1)


Billy Crystal says some TV gay sex scenes too graphic

Those who are sticking up for Billy Crystal and claiming that his comments were directed at ALL sex/love scenes whether gay OR straight, if it were a sexual orientation neutral comment then why did he bring up GAY for? He may agree that all types of sex scenes are becoming too explicit but it is apparent he has more of an issue with gay sex than straight sex. Sex scenes have been becoming more explicit for years so why is it now that gay sex enters the equation people have had enough. I also read somewhere he referred to gay as a "lifestyle " which wasn't too cool with the gay community. Male nudity used to be in more movies in the 20th century and guys didn't have a problem with it. But now in the 21st century it seems only constant explicit female nudity is allowed. Men used to not be uncomfortable with male nudity or communal showers or urinals without partitions, dressing together, swimming nude together, etc. It seems even with the acceptance of gay rights this new form of homophobia and fear of nudity, especially male nudity is growing. Since 2012 they've even censored the iconic nudity of the Coppertone Girl which has been around for over half a century. America is now more anti-nudity than ever before even in an innocent context but women's boobs and butts are everywhere and in everyone's faces on TV and film. Why is nudity and even sex NOT OKAY but extremely violent and gory video games are okay for kids and no one has an issue with extremes of torture, blood, guts, murder, and violence in movies and gutter trash like the Hostel and Saw series? When it comes down to it if you don't like it don't watch it.  (Jan 20, 2015 | post #54)

Nassau County, FL

Yulee man killed in gunfire exchange with Nassau County d...

It was a tragedy!  (Dec 31, 2014 | post #1)

Duval County, FL

No more courthouse wedding ceremonies

They are so bigoted they are willing to not marry straight couples to avoid marrying gays.  (Dec 31, 2014 | post #1)


Yankton Teen Receives Support

He needs all the support he can get against the harassment and abuse of backwards, right-wing bigots.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #1)

US News

Gay marriage

People should be able to marry who they love.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #52878)

US News

Teen employee forced to wear homophobic/developmentalla y...

Because you probably have a deep dislike and distrust toward any gay man. I've seen several online comments however that the boy himself was not the one who contacted the media but it got attention in the news due to complaints from customers because of the treatment of the (UNDERAGE) boy.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #5)


Taco John's Employee Says Manager Forced Him to Wear 'Gay...

I find nothing funny about a combination slur against gays and mentally disabled people.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #4)


Taco John's Employee Says Manager Forced Him to Wear 'Gay...

Care to explain why you think this abuse, harassment, discrimination, bullying, dehumanization, intimidation, and oppression could never truly be inflicted on any (LGBT) employee? It happens all the time and has happened for years and many have never been reported or made it to the news media. Rumor has it it was the customers who got this to the media, not the boy himself, so if that is true that will kill whatever hoax theory you have.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #3)

Yankton, SD

Teen Restaurant Worker Forced to Wear 'Gaytard' Name Tag

If true they need to fire the manager immediately.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #1)

Yankton, SD

Alleged discrimination at Taco John's in Yankton

I consider it more than mere discrimination but also abuse and harassment if true.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #1)

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