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Oct 18, 2007

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Long Beach Press-Telegram

Long Beach played a major role in aviation history

I live in Long Beach and love to hang at the Airport. I am a big jetBlue fan as well. Anyone who flies into LGB will never use LAX again, unless forced too. The history of that era can really be felt at LGB.  (Sep 28, 2009 | post #2)

Chicago Tribune

Drunk-in-the-cockpit tell-all book debuts at Oshkosh air ...

The only way to fly.  (Aug 3, 2009 | post #3)

Chicago Tribune

The scarlet S

More union butt kissing. How many jobs have unions created? Let's say zero, unless you count the thugs who run them. If the union striking at the Congress wants everyone to know about the strike they are free to take out full page ads, do television advertising, put up their own website, billboards, etc.  (Aug 1, 2009 | post #8)

Chicago Tribune

Beer summit: Professor, officer have cordial chat with Pr...

What brand of beer did each of drink during the Beer Summit? I drank: Negro Modelo  (Jul 30, 2009 | post #48)

Chicago Tribune

The Obama haters' extreme disorder

Mr. Page says: "But the best response to the endless questions raised by the sore-loser movement is to put the burden of proof back on them." But if one goes to get a copy of BHO's Certificate (Not Certification) of Live Birth, they refuse to release it. And the fact I would dare want to see his BC, means I am...RACIST! I got recalled back to US Army last year. Guess what they wanted to see? AGAIN, my Birth Certificate. Folks, it's no big deal. Just produce the darn thing, and I promise to go away. BHO can do this with a finger snap to one of his lackies. So let's get it over with and  (Jul 28, 2009 | post #46)

Chicago Tribune

It gets complicated

In case you are reading this online, here is the chart: http://www.rossput ObamaCareChart.jpg  (Jul 28, 2009 | post #1)

Chicago Tribune

Facing up to reality

Katrina was Bush's Waterloo. His taking the blame for Mayor Nigen (SP?) and Governor Blanco was a fiasco. From then on he was dead. I promise, and I mean this, to treat Obama with the same fairness as Bush was treated. And I will do this day in, and day out.  (Jul 28, 2009 | post #3)

Chicago Tribune

Certificate of proof

Pretty cool. Will the Senate go along? Obama will probably veto though. What else can they vote on? How about the "Man in the Moon" is real? Or vote: "The budget is declared balanced, and there is no deficit." "Social Security is solvent?" These votes would solve a lot of pressing issues. Please send your left-wing flying monkees out to do this work now. Thanks.  (Jul 27, 2009 | post #5)

Chicago Tribune

Slow down those fast-train dreams

Interesting. He's White Sox fan, but he's as loony tunes as a Cubs fan.  (Jul 27, 2009 | post #9)

Chicago Tribune

The Baffler returns: First new issue of Thomas Frank's Ch...

I am glad to see the left has found it's voice. Yawn. I take the Baffler is basically a free bar rag?  (Jul 27, 2009 | post #38)

Chicago Tribune

Certificate of proof

One must never question the Messiah. His policies are good and wise. He loves all people of the world. Would you ask Jesus to produce a birth certificate? Of course not. Please give our Chosen One the same consideration you would give any deity. Thank you.  (Jul 26, 2009 | post #1)

Chicago Tribune

Sarah Palin leaving governor's post amid confusion, criti...

The fear of the Democrats over Sarah really is palpable. It makes me shiver with joy just thinking of your fear in fact. The only with more fear, is Mitt Romney. And as to your magazine cover dispute: http://www.washing logs/sexist/files/ 2009/04/washington ian.jpg Nice picture. A shame he throws like a girl. How embarrassing.  (Jul 26, 2009 | post #50)

Chicago Tribune

Sarah Palin leaving governor's post amid confusion, criti...

Sarah is the big threat. She's the one to knocked out of the running now. We should have done this to Obama early on. But we let him slither, and slime his way up. And now we are stuck with him.  (Jul 26, 2009 | post #36)

Chicago Tribune

Facing tide of red ink, state cuts services to the most v...

The blame lies squarely with our elected officials. Now they want to pass their failures on to us in the manner of higher taxes? No thanks. Fix your own mess.  (Jul 26, 2009 | post #96)

Chicago Tribune

Feds: US man trained by al-Qaida, then turned as top info...

So the point of the story is to let the FBI handle terrorism? Great, let's move our forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the FBI can send their junior G-Men in to to save the day. I'll stick with the military, and a proper interrogation any day. I have no interest in prosecuting these animals. Their only value is intelligence.  (Jul 26, 2009 | post #9)

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