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Dec 30, 2012

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screwed by ex for food stamps

We were a mixed family she has 4 kids I have one child. We have split up, she went back to FL and I looked for work out west. She applied in FL for food stamps but TN had not taken off the case in time. SO here's were the problem lies. Dec food stamps gets added. She has the card in FL. (The card is in my name) she had the card because the benefits are for ALL of us not just me and my daughter, so we mailed it back and forth for the end of Nov and beg of dec. So she spends ALL of the benefits on the card, and send me the card back. When we applied she had income (child support) I had none (Unemployed) we were all receiving FULL Medicaid. Which means that my daughter and I should have been eligible for food stamps also, but she spent ALL of the benefits. She spent it all. Is there anything I can do? If so what and what will be the outcome? Any advice help or opinions are welcome. Please state whether it is FACT (Law) or opinion please. Thanks  (Dec 30, 2012 | post #1)