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Mar 24, 2013

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Simi Valley, CA

Ventura County family law courts seek public input on change

Brian adams..the most horrible mediator in the world!!.He destroyed my little boys life!!My little 3 year old son came back from his moms house with two black eyes in 2 months and a bruise in his inner thigh..i reported it to the cops,cps, ex parte emergency hearings..etc.and he took my son away from ME!!, and gave him back to mom!!gave me supervised visits!!.When they know the bruising and black eyes came from the moms home..i have a trial date in may..PLEASE ANYBODY WHO HAS EXPERIENCED SUCH AS I HAVE WITH THIS EVIL MAN BRIAN ADAMS MEDIATOR FAMILY LAW OF VENTURA COUNTY PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE OR MAYBE A WEBSITE THAT WILL TELL ME IF THIS INDIVIDUAL HAS ANY DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS AGAINST HIM!!  (Mar 25, 2013 | post #35)

Simi Valley, CA

ventura family law mediator brian adams

Hi my name is joey solis and have been ripped apart by family law mediator brian adams..he gave full custody to my sons son has been being abused at there son came back to me for my regular scheduled visits with two black eyes in the past two months..i did everything possible to keep him from getting harmed..called cps.filed report with the police..emergency hearings..etc..ada ms took my son from me.!!.wtf!!.gave "me"ange r management classes,.co parenting classes,drug testing.!!.when they know he was abused or neglected at email is [email protected] If anyone out therr knows of any disciplinary actions taken against this heartless man please email me..this is the 2nd time he has screwd me over and separated me from my son!  (Mar 24, 2013 | post #1)