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Jul 23, 2009

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Leslie Van Houten's parole hearing August 2009

Young and vulnerable during the August 1969 Manson slayings, Leslie Van Houten has been incarcerated for 38 years in California. Now a responsible, mature, educated adult Ms. Van Houten is worthy of being paroled and giving back to society. Endless incarcerations, except for the truly violent and dangerous members of prisons, is at tax-payers expenses. Leslie Van Houten is a model example of the effectiveness of the California detention system. Having Van Houten contribute to society only strengthens the aforementioned claim!  (Jul 24, 2009 | post #1)

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Sea Girt, New Jersey


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Scarborough Fair Restaurant, Boathouse, Bar Anticipation, Leggett's Gold's Gym

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Gold's Gym Point Pleasnat

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I am reading Time Magazine, watching CNN of cooking delicious meals

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I respect others opinions

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Live Grateful Dead Concerts

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Rock-n-roll concerts, college basketball games

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Donna Spader!

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Allowing things to unfold to its fullest extent tends to makes us more intelligent and aware. A closed mind is a horrible thing to waste!