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Aug 20, 2008

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Minnesota teens would need parent's OK to see doctor, und...

Why do we need legislation to do things that can be accomplished with good parenting? If you have a good relationship with your kids you wouldn't need this kind of legislation. If you need this kind of legislation you might want to work on your relationships with your kids more.  (Apr 19, 2011 | post #190)

Joe Soucheray: New TV Weekly strains even the strongest c...

I don't plan ahead much because others haven't figured out how to get around not having a TV guide section in the paper?  (Apr 19, 2011 | post #12)

Joe Soucheray: New TV Weekly strains even the strongest c...

Well, if they have a converter box, there is a guide on it. Not sure if the newer TV's are just as smart, but I think the new digital signals also send out guide information.  (Apr 6, 2011 | post #6)

Republican-backed legislation bans abortion after 20 week...

They probably are. Under a delusion that is.  (Mar 10, 2011 | post #132)

Of deep-fried fat, the coming trains and, of course, France

I like the State Fair Preview idea. Why not? Heck, might even be worth it to have some people there with new food ideas that folks could vote on to have at the State Fair.  (Oct 25, 2010 | post #11)

Blaine, MN

Tobacco policy will get Blaine City Council review

Will it apply at school bus stops as well?  (Sep 10, 2010 | post #2)

MSNBC rejects anti-Target Corp. advertisement

They are at that. Sad though isn't it. For all the good Target does for their employees, the public has to complain about donating money to a group that is for businesses - meaning keeping those employees employed and hopefully employing even more. Yes, the group has issues with the gay lifestyle, big deal.  (Aug 20, 2010 | post #334)

MSNBC rejects anti-Target Corp. advertisement

Good for MSNBC. Why anybody would want to pick on poor ol' Target is just crazy. What with every other corporation doing the same things Target does, it seems sad to pick on just one of them.  (Aug 20, 2010 | post #325)

State Patrol: Wrong-way driver kills unborn fetus, injure...

They would have likely been alright had they been wearing their seatbelts. The drunk driver needs a good bashing though. Is there a line?  (Dec 7, 2009 | post #72)

State Patrol: Wrong-way driver kills unborn fetus, injure...

My wife and I heard the story teaser (none of the kids were buckeled) and we immediately knew that the mini van family was not of Nothern European heritage. Seen it too many times before for it to not be true this time as well. And we were right.  (Dec 7, 2009 | post #70)

Vikings' Adrian Peterson gets 109 mph speeding ticket

Spent some time recently with some St. Paul cops. One of them had pulled AP over for speeding. He didn't know who he was at first and wasn't going to give him the ticket. AP told him not to do it just because of who he was and the cop had to google him. So I am fairly certain this is not his first time going that fast and getting caught. But I suppose he just can't figure out why it keeps happening, kinda like why the ball keeps popping out of his hands...  (Dec 3, 2009 | post #65)

Anoka-Hennepin school board to vote on closures -- again

They will probably turn one or more of the schools into district offices. They lease some space now.  (Nov 20, 2009 | post #3)


Another Obama nominee faces tax troubles

I only ask in the interest of fairness. Why beat up on just one party when both are often at fault?  (Nov 20, 2009 | post #70)

Blaine, MN

Blaine City Council OKs purchase of surveillance cameras

I wonder if they will webcam these.  (Nov 20, 2009 | post #1)

Minneapolis, MN

Star Tribune website has issues.

Has anyone else noticed that in the past month or so that the Star Tribune comment features have been sub-par as to speed and quality of service? Server outages. Long lag time to refresh. Over zealous moderators removing postings for no reason. Ambigous or hidden rules about posting. All in all it makes for a very ugly site to visit.  (Nov 20, 2009 | post #1)

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