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Mar 12, 2008

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Kinross, MI

"quality individuals"

Several points are worth noting: The possible passage of their resolution brings further legal connotations to the idea of fair and equal compensation and the Board would most likely end up with yet another legal challenge. They must and should eliminate coverage for all Board members. They are completely ignoring the will of the people. Their contention is that only a few people object. Apparently they have their heads buried in the sand if they have not heard the will of the people on this issue. The previous petition of 120 signatures as well as the results of the online poll and the public demands should make it obvious. The only rational conclusion is that they are corrupt in their attempts to keep a $70,000.00 a year benefit on the backs of Township taxpayers. They came up with this resolution after Board member Dan Mitchell submitted his resolution to eliminate all Board member health insurance to be added to Monday's agenda. Despite his early submission, they have chosen to take up their resolution first. This is Dan's fourth attempt to eliminate Board member Health Insurance for all Board members since he came into office. As a result they have two resolutions on the agenda for Monday. One for the elite Board members to save their benefit and one to eliminate all Board member health insurance.  (Mar 16, 2008 | post #2)

Kinross, MI

"quality individuals"

The Kinross Township Board is scheduled to debate Board member health insurance this coming Monday at their Budget Public Hearing 7:00 PM March 17. The Supervisor (Oberle), the Clerk (Besteman) and the Treasurer (Ulrich) have decided in their benevolent wisdom that they (Clerk, Supervisor and Treasurer) are worthy of full taxpayer paid health insurance. They are offering a resolution that sets them up as an elite class above the other Board members in order to save themselves their benefit. They have determined that they are not expendable and that the Township could not possibly survive without them and so as "quality individuals" they intend to pass their resolution despite the clear will of the people to end all taxpayer paid health insurance for all Board members including payment in lieu of Insurance.. Several points are worth noting:  (Mar 16, 2008 | post #1)

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