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Sep 13, 2008

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WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan

Victim's mom warns of huffing dangers

Since the horrific passing of their son, Michael Dean Meek, Matthew Meek and Beverly Helms have been a consistent inspiration. At the funeral, the visitation and the burial I witnessed the both of them on several occasions reaching out to comfort those in attendance. I also had the incredible blessing of seeing Matthew Meek praying over some of the mourners at the visitation. All of their children are much the same...a great encouragement in this time of extreme sadness. When they are the ones that you would expect to seek comfort from those around them, they are offering it openly instead!!  (Oct 18, 2008 | post #64)

WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan

Victim's mom warns of huffing dangers

"One last point - where's Dad? A real man would have been involved with this young man and shown him the right ways to use his body, not as a tool for screwing up his mind."?? To the poster who wrote this, you seem all too unfamiliar with the fact that many children today are living in single parent homes. This was the case with Michael, but I assure you that it does NOT mean that Michael's dad was not involved in his life. Matthew Meek is an an awesome man of God and Michael's mother Beverly is equally incredible. However, regrettably, even the most amazing of parents cannot save their own children from everything...they' re humans, not super heroes or Gods. "He could have bought it himself Lets not get off track here!" "second you can buy that any where there is no age limit." These statements are not completely true. Michael was seventeen years old when he passed away, making him obviously a minor. At least at Wal-Mart and Meijer you have to be eighteen years old to even purchase computer duster.  (Oct 17, 2008 | post #25)

WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan

Candlelight vigil for teen brings out 200

just a mom, i don't believe that anybody by saying that the cause of mike's death is irrelevant was meaning to imply that the cause of his death should be ignored. however, those who were closest to mike already know that this is what caused his death so that is why in a sense the cause is irrelevant. he has still passed regardless of the circumstances. you said, "It only takes one time of grabbing that can, and it may be your last." i found this quote most intriguing, because as i understand it, this WAS the first time that mike had ever tried this. you also said, "This dosen't mean that Mikes parents were bad parents in anyway shape or form. They loved their son, they belived in their son, which they should not be chastized for doing". Let me assure you after seeing how they both were through this whole process, those words could not be MORE true. they both showed SUCH strength through everything...the visitations, the funeral, the burial...everythin g. ALL of us that knew mike have learned a very valuable lesson from this tragedy and are still learning from it. i am sure that nobody will be able to forget or ignore what led to such a horrific situation. with all due respect, joel_v  (Sep 13, 2008 | post #91)

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