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Dec 18, 2011

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Webster, NY

warning about Precision Lawn & Garden

Precision anything has always been the same. presicion auto, precision sound and now presicion lawn. WHATEVER THE MARKET WILL BEAR. I bought an alarm system for a work truck used in the city. It wouldn't work Went back ,was told the radio towers,there cause interference. I needed a better MORE EXPENSIVE UNIT. OK. Not surprised. HERE IS THE SURPRISE... Charlie (owner) ASKED ME WHAT I PAID FOR MINE!!!! What the hell? Isn't there a listed price? NOPE. IF YOU LOOK LIKE A SUCKER, you pay more. Interesting lesson learned. Now at Precision Lawn...... we can order that for you. PAY IN ADVANCE. When parts came in, I had to pay an $8.00 shipping fee. SURPRISE . NEVER TOLDE WHEN I ORDERED AND PAID. coulda done this at home online. Same ole Precision...... bend over. They grease you the first time.  (Dec 18, 2011 | post #14)