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Aug 1, 2011

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Salem, MA

city firefighter impostor, salem massachusetts

his external IP address is it is a comcast address, apparently residential. he posts at all hours, does not seem to have a regular full-time job. his utter ignorance of militaray science betrays he was never in the service, and he can't keep his story straight about what city he was a firefighter in. sometimes he claimed it was lynn.  (Aug 1, 2011 | post #2)

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Humans Evolving Beyond the Need for Religion

evolution is a result of natural selection for fitness to survive. that has zero to do with selection for agreement with your opinions. try as you might you cannot impose your whims on evolution. what you describe is not evolution. and it will never occur, if the last 600 million years of complex animal life are any predictor. in fact transpersonal experiences seem to have an evolutionary purpose. what you call evolution is in fact artificial selection. and only if the world allows you atheists to decide who reproduces. we won't. give up. 30 years ago atheists were simply folks not believing in god and religion. now you are evangelical. you are a religion. and the most intolerant, irrational and inflexible-thinkin g of all.  (Aug 1, 2011 | post #5)

Salem, MA

city firefighter impostor, salem massachusetts

this guy has been on craigslst rants and raves for 3 years. he has also impersonated a lynn firefighter,and a vietnam vet even after being notified that he is in criminal violation of the 2005 stolen valor act ( federal crime). this jerk has posted race-hatred posts referring to immigrants as subhuman cockroaches, advocated antigovernment violence("new civil war" extremist right rhetoric) and more, including boasting about military firearms now he has invited his online advesaries to meet him for a hostile encounter at a salem fire substation. the mayor, police department and fire chief are utterly disinterested. what will it take? some angry enemies of his showing up to beat up on firefighters? what if during a fire response? what if armed? salem city officials will not interupt their coffee break to get a civil injunction ordering him to cease. in the meantime firefighters are depicted as racist spewers of hate, seditionist felons, and the kind of goons who will invite people by the workplace for a fistfight(or worse).  (Aug 1, 2011 | post #1)