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Oct 11, 2007

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Drink in the unique beauty that is the archipelago of Mad...

I drove under the motorway but I did not see sports courts, only concrete piers and stones bellow reclaiming the sea.  (Feb 20, 2012 | post #4)

Bailed-out Portugal's recession seen worsening

So, we don't need EU at all. ha ha ha We're paying the debt problems of the financial sector's other countries. Remember the financial melt down? Those institutions need noney so as to cover all the bad investments they did. Do you rememeber seeing in the news about the German banks having problems? And the Spanish banks? And a Belgian-Dutch bank? And the British banks? Do you remember seeing in the news that the Portuguese banks were having solid profits... yet they were being downgraded by credit rating agencies? Aren't they biased? No?!!! Who's in denial? There's a solution for an inevitable world wide financial crisis: Portugal pays. Welcome to Versailles, and make sure the Portuguese won't elect any Hitler within a few years.  (Feb 10, 2012 | post #2)

Drink in the unique beauty that is the archipelago of Mad...

This beach is in Calheta. Check the HUUUUGE green cliffs in the area. Drive to the neighbouring towns, some of them tubular waves surfing areas, pass through looong tunnels, then take the road up through the cliff. It's simply beautiful! About the airport, if you have a car, drive through the highway under the runway.  (Feb 10, 2012 | post #2)

48 Hours In: Funchal

Funchal get cruises all over the year. About the imported sand, just look at the neighouring Canaries. The Canaries are quite close to the Western Sahara coast and the easterly islands naturaly get sand brought from the Sahara by the trade winds. For the other islands, namely Tenerife, all the sandy beaches are made with imported sand from Western Sahara as well. In order to avoid the sand to go away, those beaches are always engulfed by piers. The natural "sand" of the Canary islands is basalt dust or peebles - black sand, just like in Madeira, the Azores or Cape Verde. Did not know about the western Sahara issue. The sand can also be imported from mainland Morocco, mainland Portugal, mainland Spain or Maurit├ónia instead. On the other hand. Madeira's extremely fertile vulcanic soil can be exported too.  (Feb 10, 2012 | post #3)

Portuguese Passport

Whether the competition here is for the former or for the later I do not know (looool)  (Jan 21, 2012 | post #111)

Portuguese Passport

Oh Oh! It seems there's jealous competition for that here... have peace  (Jan 20, 2012 | post #109)

Why are Dutch children so happy?

I agree with all except the "good" health care issue, the "good education" issue, and above all the "cultured nation" issue. It's not true. Those who say that are just dreaming. A nation that doesn't start wars with no issue, yes, it's true, but that's also because the Netherlands is a tiny country.  (Jan 20, 2012 | post #242)

Netherlands defends border control project

The borders can be open and yet be checked. If you want to go to the UK or Ireland, two non-schengen countries, you must go through a border control. What's the problem about that apart from a little time spent on a queue? Open unchecked borders mean rampant increase in crimes. See what happens in the Algarve, Portugal, with all the robberies happening nowadays? I like open borders. I like checked borders as well.  (Jan 5, 2012 | post #2)

Letters: Austerity is not the only answer

And need to stop having the EU pushing for not reducing the corporate tax.  (Jan 2, 2012 | post #12)

Central Portugal's Economy Set For Massive Boost

Ha ha! The article is more of the same continuing bullshit. We already have one of the highest density of motorways in Europe per number of inhabitants. We simply do not need more roads. Building too many roads is one of the reasons why now we have problems (LOL) The renovation work in houses is a good thing, but (LOL) it won't prevent a predicable shrink in the construction areas. Who wrote this should rather write novels. The author reveal a good intuition, good capability to speculate and and excellent imagination to make up things. These are qualities that do not make him FACTUAL though!  (Dec 31, 2011 | post #4)

Central Portugal's Economy Set For Massive Boost

You know nothing about Portugal and Europe.  (Dec 31, 2011 | post #3)

President Kubitschek's Construction of Brasilia Was Consp...

Crazy therories. Who cares about the ancestry of a man that died decades ago?  (Dec 31, 2011 | post #3)

Letters: Austerity is not the only answer

Not having contributed to the EU? What about the large purchases of German submarines (useless), German trams, trains, cars and all kinds of machinery, Dutch agricultural produce, English financial advice (could be done here), etc? It's a good issue you place here, because the ones that do not want us to leave the EU are the Germans and the Dutch. They do not want to loose markets. Just to give you an example: The largest Portuguese firm, SONAE, has its de facto offices and headquarters in Portugal, but its oficial headquarters are in the Netherlands, why? Because there they pay only 7% of corporate tax. In Portugal they would pay over 25%. If Portugal was out of the EU, this situation wouldn't be admissible. Who benefits from this sample of inumerous situations, Portugal? ha ha ha! don't tell me bullshit! Also I do not know what has Albania, a country which you surely do not know anything about it, to do with this. I do not need EU money and I did not ask for that. None here has voted YES to belong to the EU, to have the euro and the Lisbon treaty. This was done by corrupt politicians. They get bribes. You're right about the corruption. The couterpart of that is to be banned from producing.  (Dec 31, 2011 | post #10)

Britain rejects austerity treaty

Electing a government is a good thing. This situation though is dysfunctional. We have interest rates set to the German and Dutch economy, we cannot produce agricultural food. We have the German and other firms pushing, strongly pushing so as to have useless and expensive high speed trains, submarines and all kinds of machinery. We have chinese shops not exempted from tax while they import (economic suicide imposed by the EU). We have the lowest carbon emission rights in Europe, so that all the industrial production become more expensive than if it's done in other European countries. Finally we have the Anglo-Saxon finantial system bankrupt and trying to relocate artificialy those troubles into Portuguese banks as well as state firms who are in fact economically solvent! This is done via credit rating agencies paid by the Portuguese government to downgrade the credit risk of Portugal. Some cases are real, but most of them it's pure manipulation.  (Dec 26, 2011 | post #15)

Letters: Austerity is not the only answer

Do you really believe in that rethoric? We are EU and there's a lot of poverty, because we are not allowed to produce anything. The only ones who are not poor are the public servants and the farmers who get EU subsides for keeping their lands without production. They spend that money in jeeps, expensive dinners and houses. The politicians who get bribed for defending the EU are also rich. They are the ones who will loose. There are ways of being well while out of the EU. That means having good and proper economic policies. It does not mean being an isolated closed country. Portugal could be out and having a negotiated system of free movement of people with Europe.  (Dec 26, 2011 | post #6)