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Aug 10, 2014

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Corn Flour Milling Machine Must Be Cleaned After Use

CORN FLOUR MILLING MACHINE is needed to clean up after use, so as to ensure that the next use will not cause mechanical failure and affect the quality of corn flour. So how do we clean up the corn flour milling machine? First, corn flour milling machine should be in good condition, smooth operation, no abnormal noise. Second, note inspection corn flour milling machine operation, such as with food too much, you should identify the cause and correct. Third, when corn milling machine operation is blocked, not beating with iron or hard materials, you must use a long brush to remove the plug. Screen surface rupture should be promptly repaired or replaced. Then, fan operation should be no sound of the collision. After feeding, check the raw material impurities situations, such as gravel too much, you should identify the cause and eliminate. Last, when adjusting the eccentric rotation mechanism, to release the rubber pad fastening device, a good tune and then tightened, it is no pre-stressed state. www.wintone-machin  (Aug 10, 2014 | post #1)


Advanced Wheat Flour Mill is Favorable for Companies

A WHEAT FLOUR MILL is a mill that grinds corn and makes flour both for commercial and domestic purposes. There are various types of mills cast-off for grinding and pounding flour like the grist mill, ball mill, and corn mill. Although these terms are also used to refer to every mill that pulverizes and grinds grain, term flour mill were used in the past to describe a native mill where agriculturalists transported their own native grain and established back ground flour or meal in behalf of their miller¬ís toll or wages. Of course, anything in the modern day wheat flour mill company is reminiscent of their predecessors in the past. A modern day WHEAT FLOUR MILLING MACHINE company can produce hundreds of different types of flour machine everyday while every year, they produce 320 million tons of wheat flour for human consumption. Wherever there is wheat - an important property of flour, is harvested, a wheat flour mill company will surely show up. However, how can a modern day flour mill company produce good quality flour? Most wheat flour mill company today use WHEAT FLOUR MILLING MACHINE that can grind healthy, fresh and wholesome wheat flour. It is important to grind wheat flour by means of a machine because it will help retain the goodness of the flour and nutritional value. Avoid the handy wheat flour because they contain chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to the health. www.wheat-flour-mi  (Aug 10, 2014 | post #1)