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Nov 15, 2007

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WZZM Grand Rapids

Did you vote today?

I quit smoking, as well as my husband. Wondering if you think your sheepish reply means I should be some shrinking violet? Not today! Bill had sex!! Woohoo! Yeah buddy, WOW!!! You know I think West Michigan needs a little shake up, a little show and tell if you will of all its perfect husbands.... You silly boys just have no clue, as to what the women in the West Michigan Hospitality Industry are waiting to tell the world about all you better than thous... LMAO I cannot wait! Let me just say this... its gonna get a lot quieter around here!  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #143)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Did you vote today?

My Husband and I both voted # 266 & # 227 in Spencer Township. This was at 6:20 p.m. and the building and parking lot were filling up as we left, this is a working class Township, so it would be predictable for alot of after 6 voters. We both voted for Hilary, and did find the process itself abit empty. Not that we dont want Hilary to be the winner in 08, its just the Michigan primary mess, it leaves you feeling a bit jipped! I dont have any qualms or fears that my Candidate is the one person who can turn this Country around. I think she brings brilliance to an office that sorley needs it. I beleive that with Bill at her side, they will be able to go along way in repairing the worlds view of our Country. As a mid-lifer I am saddened because my husband and I always dreamed of traveling the world... now not just economics may stand in the way, but how as Americans we will be recieved. We must all consider the world in the way we vote if we ever wish to explore it safely. I am sorry about my rant eralier... I broke my leg and cant be involved at the precincts and other events as I would like. So when I came on here, I just lost my mind for a minute. Sheesh! God sent a flood to help them "get it" LOL did I think my ranting would do anything? LOL Apologies to the innocents...  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #115)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Did you vote today?

I love Michigan! As a State I am proud to be a citizen as in the General Election we always vote right. Demi God? Dont you mean Demi Glaze`? Emporer Engler ate his way through our State and its coffers, he sold us out for the promise of his next Muffin! You cant tell me how big it is and how much I should be enjoying it any longer.... Its not and I aint! You leave... I am here for the final battle...  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #106)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Bull Cr.ap

Wow, Trying to fugure out which side I am on, guess I have been away for awhile. Maybe I am on the list? Just seems like some 5th grade boys, who got slapped when they pulled the girls hair! LOL CLUE: The language  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #12)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Did you vote today?

Well Said! Engler destroyed this State, I cannot beleive that the Republicans are pararding Michelle around like they think she stands for something good??? OMG the woman is as disgusting as Betty De-Dearest. eeeuuwww! If The Englers were barred from crossing the State Line I think that would be just fine.  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #93)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Did you vote today?

LOL, I hear ya! Well Said... maybe we just buy a Billboard and let them know they dont own this **** .  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #88)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Did you vote today?

Hah!!! LOL you must be joking... I havent seen anything that remotely looked like fair and impartial reporting since I was 1st was of age to vote in West Michigan. Dems always get slighted, slammed or sneered by the news in West Michigan, always. I just pray that God will not allow these morons to put another Pub in power... Give me my Clinton Era Checkbook ..... please please please.... It amazes me that you all have the "whatevers " to even open your mouths since you voted for this Countries downfall. You dont even have the decencey to feel shame... eeeuuww! Michigan is a Blue State... please leave we dont need you reds any longer  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #86)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Parents of expelled Belleville High students vow lawsuit

uhhmmm right.... LOL Too bad they didnt have it on tape, so they could play it for you... LOL Some will not learn because they cannot learn.. Grow up!  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #123)

Grand Rapids, MI

WZZM13 - Gang Activity in Grand Rapids; Parents say Enoug...

smooches* ;)  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #142)

WZZM Grand Rapids

If prices go up, beer drinkers say they will pay

To continue this... I have reduced the green lawn I have to mow and maintain and have planted my own barley and hops (5 varieties) so that I can brew my own beer. Front yards are for food! LOL * beer is a food group... LOL We love HOMEBREW!!! Even more now  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #17)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Botulism may have killed 7,500 birds along Lake Michigan ...

You must mean Lake McAtoilet, funny how all those Pubs want to point fingers... Hmmmm  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #5)

WZZM Grand Rapids

Should Spanking Your Child Be Illegal?

Defining spanking is going to be an insurmountable task. While I applaud the effort in Mass., I think the energy should be placed in education of parents. Even down in the dirt drug addicts know enough to use clean needles. This is because we have done an awesome job of AIDS and Hepatitis education. The millions spent on this issue may complete some of that, by the fact that folks will be talking? Maybe this is the way to get it started. I stand to be counted on not spanking.  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #4)

Education Etc.

Parents of expelled Belleville High students vow lawsuit

All I was trying to say was: .Due Process is defined as:“a meaningful opportunity to be heard”. This means that the accused has their case heard by an impartial and unbiased Panel, Judge or Council. This would mean that they would have to find a person or group that would not be inherently affected by its outcome. It would not take you but just a moment in re-reading this forum, to discover how this issue could illicit such extreme opinions. The Panel ( the School Board ) who “heard” this case, were and could be directly affected by its outcome. Ex: They are elected officials, who enjoy the respect of this community because they serve the District and its Parents and Children. I don’t know if you have any idea the pressure School Administrators are under to not only do the job of educating the Public’s School Children, but performing numerous other Social Services. There is not a single more frightening thing than a gun in school. We have in the hysteria and the aftermath of horrific School Shootings become a “posse” type society in regards to weapons in schools. The Judge reversed this because on the FACE of this, by not recording a proceeding.. would imply that the District did not want to have it reveiewed. Naughty naughty naughty.  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #117)

Education Etc.

Parents of expelled Belleville High students vow lawsuit

This happened: Judge orders expelled Belleville teens back to school Karen Bouffard / The Detroit News DETROIT-- Four Belleville High School students expelled for posing with fake drugs and guns on the Internet must be allowed to return to school until new disciplinary hearings are held, a Wayne County judge ruled today. The Van Buren school district must conduct a new set of hearings for students and record the proceedings, according to the orders of Circuit Judge Cynthia Stephens. Stephens scolded the district Monday for not keeping a record of the closed hearing held Nov. 3 during which the four male students were expelled. They were found guilty of gang activity, intimidation and possession of look-alike drugs and weapons. Advertisement The students and their supporters claimed the weapons were fake and the photos were promotional for their rap group.  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #116)

Education Etc.

Judge orders expelled Belleville teens back to school

Wow! I had no idea just how bad the due process was! Not recording the closed hearing hmmm whos the bad guy here? I understand the meeting being closed, but a court reporter is a minimum. School District's dont follow the law... I am shocked!!! Lol  (Nov 28, 2007 | post #2)

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