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Oct 3, 2013

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Intercostal Muscle Pain

I've had some problems with my intercostal muscles in my back on and off for a few years now. Not sure how I aggravate this condition, could be from exercising too much. I also might have irritated these muscles from camping out recently because I was sleeping on my back. I'm in late 40's been training with weightsfor over 20 years and am still quite strong for my age. I also swim regularly and am working up to a mile in the pool a couple of times a week. Today I am in alot of pain, very stiff and sore, haven't slept well for a couple of weeks now. I did go to the doctor yesterday- he gave me some muscle relaxers to help relax and pain medicine as well. I'm wondering about asking for a cortisone shot. I heard these shots can offer relief for months. I hope the shot might give me a few months of no pain while I do other exercises to strengthen the weak area. I'd like to hear from anyone who has had a cortisone shot for this problem, or someone who might have had a similar experience. Additionally I'm looking for some exercises that can help to loosen up the stiffness. I 'd like to start doing some simple exercises at home to strengthen the area in a week or so when this episode passes. Later in a couple of weeks - depending on what happens with the cortisone shot - I'd like to resume my full schedule in the gym with some new exercises. Thanks to anyone willing to offer some help ! Jim  (Oct 3, 2013 | post #1)