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Dec 30, 2008

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Salem, OR

16f, Or. Older men?(;

THE INTERNET: where the men are men where the women are men where the children are the FBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Jun 30, 2013 | post #3)

Salem, OR

statesman journal

has anyone here ever delivered papers for the statesman journal???? any stories or opinions to tell?  (Jun 30, 2013 | post #1)

Salem, OR

Trans Women Battle Rising Rates of HIV Infections

someone is abusing the JUDGE buttons!!!! too much hate to be several people.... gotta be just a couple  (Jun 30, 2013 | post #42)

Mokelumne Hill, CA

Marijuana - Mokelumne Hill, CA

@ Mrs. T..... sounds like you found a website that told you JUST what you wanted to hear..... If it was from personal experience, you were doing it WRONG!! As a former user, i can say you don't have a clue one!.... But, it is a great excuse to be unambitious....tru e story Here's a possible story: Joe Everybody has a bad day at work.... he stops at the bar before home and has a few.... drives home and magically manages NOT to kill anyone...... walks in the front door, kicks the dog, screams at the kids, and smacks his wife 'cause dinner isn't ready.... here's another: Joe Everybody has a bad day at work.....he goes straight home and takes a few choice bong hits.... the he proceeds to kill his ENTIRE family....SIZED PIZZA!!!!  (Aug 11, 2012 | post #6)

Mokelumne Hill, CA

Marijuana - Mokelumne Hill, CA

Hmmmm. sounds a lot like coffee and tobacco...... throw YOURS out, TODAY!!!!  (Aug 11, 2012 | post #5)

Rail Road Flat, CA

Rail Road Flat Store

@louise.......why don't YOU buy the store and "change" the whole town into a place worthy of your blessing?' ve got it all figured out, huh? could get rid of those "dirty meth heads" on welfare, and just survive on the revenue supplied by the folks who do their monthly shopping down the hill....and hope milk and tobacco and lunchmeat pays the bills!!!....i think you'd fall very short of your monetary goals.... those dirty meth heads pay the bills around don't get it....those meth heads were some of the best people i EVER knew!! better'n y'all, for sure!! they stood up and voiced their opinions, not skulk about online biting on the backside like a bunch of whining, craven, cowardly dogs!!! they will say it to your FACE!!!....that, in itself, makes them better than YOU!!......uck-fay you!!!  (Nov 3, 2011 | post #47)

Rail Road Flat, CA

Building Inspector Murdered. Don't Buy a House in Calaver...

@CaHillbilly...... ... i almost thought you were serious, until i saw the pumpkinhead link....very sarcastic of, if you weren't being sarcastic, the pumpkinhead thing detracted from your, were you or were you not uck-fay ing around?..... i NEVER really felt unsafe there, even when i was getting rides from a triple murderer (i used to roll joints for him while he drove to san andreas) but i never uck-fayed around where i wasn't supposed to....none of the railroad kids messed with jesus-maria......o ff-limits...  (Oct 20, 2011 | post #22)

Rail Road Flat, CA

Need a Hair Salon recommendation

http://www.topix.c om/forum/city/rail -road-flat-ca/T9LJ 5GP58L53PO09V  (Oct 5, 2011 | post #2)

Salem, OR

Review: Bob's Adult Books Inc

No, actually it sucks(probably literally) pics, no movie titles, no product....just mostly text about gay sex and past locations...big deal. i'm surprised they didn't proudly advertise their glory holes.... and in the description i saw the word "clean". ....hmmmm.....mayb e i went to the other Bob's.....the "dirty" shoes sounded like velcro tearing as i walked!!! creepy, sticky.......  (Oct 4, 2011 | post #64)

Salem, OR

hello new to salem

first, it depends on how old you are.....second, no, there ain't shit to do around here!!!! hunting, fishing, watersports, kids' rock music live downtown....there' s more, but i lack imagination.....  (Oct 4, 2011 | post #2)

Rail Road Flat, CA

Rail Road Flat Store

REMEMBER, RRF ORIGINALS: "non illigitamus carborundum!!! "  (Oct 3, 2011 | post #44)

Rail Road Flat, CA

Rail Road Flat Store

Judging others says less about them and more about YOURSELF!!!  (Oct 3, 2011 | post #43)

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