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Jan 4, 2008


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clown bus is back !!!!


New York, NY


fillmore east,new tampa

Local Favorites:

legends field,universal,meadowlands

I Belong To:

the florida beach club. super bowl NY Giant fan club. NYY 27th ring club, coming soon.

When I'm Not on Topix:

think of chinese food,watching harness racing, having sam adams and playing star wars trivia.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

bored?want to argue or agree with a yank fan

I'm Listening To:

aerosmith,jeff beck,led zep,

Read This Book:

preston and childs great authors

Favorite Things:

ny teams, yanks, giants, rangers,music,theme parks,

On My Mind:

the force,sith,little rascals,george of the jungle,raw and smackdown,miss my pal eddie guererro.yanks win series

Blog / Website / Homepage:

the i will expose unbiased one, a book about lies and proxy posting

I Believe In:

fastball down the middle of the plate, cold pizza, no traffic at 5pm,strawberry blondes,midichlorians,santa,series lost is real,battlestar gallactica and 4 day work week. mickey divorcing minnie, new live aerosmith cd and better bands at mardi gras universal.