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Jul 11, 2013

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Antioch, CA

Brentwood: Two high school students stabbed during fight ...

thank your section 8 recipients yet again for this.  (Feb 22, 2014 | post #4)

Concord, CA

Concord: Teen stabbed near apartment complex

who cares? adios f--k nut, hopefully you die.  (Feb 15, 2014 | post #2)

Martinez, CA

Pelosi: 'Why would anybody get married?'

pelosi is a vigger coddling jew, the only thing good going for that wretch would to be raped by the very beasts she protects.  (Feb 15, 2014 | post #4)

Antioch, CA

Antioch teacher accepts plea agreement in classroom abuse...

this sounds like a vigger name, is she in fact an inferior minded vigger?  (Feb 15, 2014 | post #1)

Antioch, CA

Caltrans postpones Highway 160 road work

what a bunch of b**ches, any other road they would just tear the f--k up, rain or shine.  (Feb 15, 2014 | post #1)

Antioch, CA

Young at heart: Antioch couple renews vows after 72 years

good, white couple. how nice  (Feb 15, 2014 | post #2)

Antioch, CA

False amber alert

i wish every vigger would come up missing, slope  (Feb 13, 2014 | post #2)

Antioch, CA

Why are there 2 Brentwood Californias??

brentwood in so cal is not being invaded by filthy viggers either, jew.  (Feb 13, 2014 | post #3)

Concord, CA

School Sorry About Black History Month Lunch Menu

thats why you viggers fail at everything  (Feb 13, 2014 | post #21)

Concord, CA

School Sorry About Black History Month Lunch Menu

viggers are garbage so it doesnt matter what they think.  (Feb 12, 2014 | post #14)

Concord, CA

Concord Police Summarily Execute Unarmed Charles Burns

adios f--k wad.  (Feb 9, 2014 | post #4)

Concord, CA

Pittsburg: Residents urged to lock vehicles after spike i...

you can thank drug addict viggers for this behavior  (Feb 9, 2014 | post #2)