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Jul 10, 2012

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Berea, KY

Bible study rules for public schools proposed

What everyone is not thinking about is this country was founded on religion. Just look at the times then and timesnow. Just look in the past 60 years. Women dress from long respectable skirts and non revealing clothing to parents letting their 11 yr old daughters wear booty shorts begging for perverts to gauk and sin over being sexual with a child! Problem no religion no God. Which amounts to no self respect and the feelingly of absolutely unconditional love of a God that will never let you down. I believe all children should be introduced to thebible snx when they are adults they can choose to continue to learn about our savior and if God has a role in that child's heart his children always come back to him. I am a foster parent and the pure evil out there isunreal and the things parents are doing to their own child. Things unheard of back before Jesus was taken out of school. There isn't even enough social workers and foster parents out there to takein these kids. I have 6 kids in my home pray everyday and are faithful and understanding of our lord by choice because they now have parents that love them enough to introduce them to God and I have 6 kids who can testify what the lord has done from them and kept them alive and comforted through the rape and abuse. This generation will see the end of this world and as many needs saved as possible. Thumbs up for Bible lessons  (Jul 10, 2012 | post #82358)