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May 2, 2013

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Crack Denying Mayor Finally Admits Smoking Crack

Crack Denying Mayor Finally Admits Smoking Crack m/blog.php?blog_po st_title=Crack+Den ying+Mayor+Finally +Admits+Smoking+Cr ack%20&%20blog _topic_id=269%20%2 0&%20category_ blog=7%20&%20v iew=blog_details  (Nov 5, 2013 | post #1)

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Toronto Mayor Wants Crack Video Made Public

Toronto Mayor Wants Crack Video Made Public m/blog.php?blog_po st_title=Toronto+M ayor+Apologizes+fo r+Drunken+Behaviou r+and+Wants+Crack+ Video+Made+Public% 20&%20blog_top ic_id=266%20%20 &%20category_b log=8%20&%20vi ew=blog_details  (Nov 5, 2013 | post #1)

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How to Treat a Lady in a Relationship

How to Treat a Lady in a Relationship m/blog.php?blog_po st_title=How+to+Tr eat+a+Lady+in+a+Re lationship%20& %20blog_topic_id=2 63%20%20&%20ca tegory_blog=11%20 &%20view=blog_ details  (Nov 5, 2013 | post #1)

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The Only Dating Site That Helps And Pays You To Find Your...

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Limits of US Power: Lessons from Edward Snowden

Limits of US Power: Lessons from Edward Snowden http://www.fonoliv  (Jun 25, 2013 | post #1)

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Women Should Cheat As Often As Men Do

Women Should Cheat As Often As Men Do http://www.fonoliv g_post_title=Shoul d+Women+Cheat+As+O ften+As+Men+Do%3F% 20&%20blog_top ic_id=39%20%20 &%20category_b log=11%20&%20v iew=blog_details  (Jun 20, 2013 | post #1)

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Should You Get a Cat or a Dog?

Should You Get a Cat or a Dog? http://www.fonoliv g_category=9  (Jun 18, 2013 | post #1)

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Why Climate Changed Has Been Put to the Rear By Some Gove...

Why Climate Changed Has Been Put to the Rear By Some Governments http://www.fonoliv g_post_title=Why+C limate+Changed+Has +Been+Put+to+the+R ear+By+Some+Govern ments%20&%20bl og_topic_id=34%20% 20&%20category _blog=2%20&%20 view=blog_details  (Jun 17, 2013 | post #1)

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Hassan Rouhani, the New Iranian President

Hassan Rouhani, the New Iranian President http://www.fonoliv g_post_title=Hassa n+Rouhani%2C+The+N ew+Iranian+Presiid ent%20&%20blog _topic_id=32%20%20 &%20category_b log=7%20&%20vi ew=blog_details  (Jun 17, 2013 | post #1)

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How to Fight a Traffic Ticket

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket http://www.fonoliv g_post_title=How+t o+Fight+a+Traffic+ Ticket+in+Court%20 &%20blog_topic _id=35%20%20&% 20category_blog=1% 20&%20view=blo g_details  (Jun 17, 2013 | post #1)

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US Going into Another War with Syria

US Going into Another War with Syria http://www.fonoliv g_post_title=US+Go ing+into+Another+W ar+with+Syria%20 &%20blog_topic _id=31%20%20&% 20category_blog=8% 20&%20view=blo g_details  (Jun 14, 2013 | post #1)

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Hilary Clinton's Cryptic Presidential Run Tweet

Twitter got a new celebrity today,Hilary Clinton. You would think that Hilary must have been on twitter since her last presidential run. Nope, she is only getting on it now. John McCain after being criticized for not being technologically savvy enough had had a twitter account since his last lost bid to Obama. Well, Hilary is generating waves on twitter as she come with unmatched celebrity status and the widely held notion that the iron lady will be making another run for the highest office in the country. Only 24 hours after opening her profile, she immediately garnered over 300, 000 followers and that number is growing exponentially as more and more users become aware that the lady with the famous pantsuits is online. She also changed around the order of her former titles: US Senator and secretary of state are now listed before "hair icon" and "pantsuit aficionado" - which used to read "pantsuit fashionista." She received warm welcome greetings from her husband Bill and daughter Chelsea on twitter. Bill tweeted “Does twitter have a faily share plan? Great to be here with @HillaryClinton. Looking forward to #tweetsfromhilary. ” Then followed a tweet from Chelsea “ Welcome Mom! MT: @HillaryClinton. Thanks for the inspiration @ASmith83 & @Sllambe – I'll take it from here... #tweetsfromhilary. “ Obama couldn't resist the temptation to tweet either. So, he tweeted this “ Happy to welcome @HillaryClinton to Twitter. Stay tuned for the real #TweetsFromHillary . “ Guess it's my turn to tweet too. “Welcome to twitter @Hillary. Looking to know what TBD is...” http://www.fonoliv (Rank Your City Competition is game on on Fonolive. Don't let your city come last).  (Jun 11, 2013 | post #1)

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NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Fired by Booz Allen. Too Late?

Snowden who was working for the contracting security firm Booz Allen has been fired. Snowden who did not even graduate from high school was reported making $200,000. Snowden had previously worked for the CIA and had top security clearance. How did a quiet and shy 29yr old become a national leaker? For some he is a hero, but I don't think he has that many friends at the capitol who consider him a traitor. Snowden knows a lot about US security and the capabilities of US security agencies having worked there as a technical analyst. This is certainly a national concern as he is in China, a country that is mildly considered a US adversary. China is likely going to try and exploit the situation to extract as much security information from him as possible. He may be cajoled and told the only way to avoid being extradited to the US is to provide more top level security information about the US. After that, he may extradite him anyway.It's a lose lose for Snowden. Booz Allen says Snowden had only worked there for 3months. Seems he saw too much and was overwhelmed by him. How could someone who was hired and trusted by these security firms come to betray their work? Booz Allen says it was shocked by the reports that one of its employees leaked high level classified information. Snowden reportedly told the Bristish newspaper the Guardian and the Washington posts that the NSA's data collection was extensive and said he could not live in a society where every one of his actions are monitored by the government. He told the journalists that he only needed an email and he could proceed to wiretap anyone from the journalists to the president. He also mentioned that the NSA's scheme tapped into the servers of Google, Facebook, Apple and all the tech giants regularly to glean information. What is troublesome is that he indicated these people didn't have to committed any crime, but only needed to have been held with suspicion. This definitely seems to have been the most bizarre of leaks that a fellow with not even a high school diploma and an expert in nothing would somehow consider himself the judge and arbiter in undermining the work of thousands of professionals. What qualifies Snowden to think he should be the decider on what becomes public debate or not? It's to late to fire him now. Better late than never? The damage is already done and it is irreversible. Booz Allen is likely going to lose now on defence contracts as it gets almost 99% of its contracts and revenue from the federal government. Not only has Snowden's actions damaged his carrier, he has put on the line the carriers of his co-workers and even family members. Booz Allen's (BAH, Fortune 500 company), shares tumbled after it was revealed that Snowden was the source of the intelligence leak closing down 2.6% on Monday and it has been on the decline ever since.  (Jun 11, 2013 | post #1)

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China Overtaking the US in Space Exploration

With lots of cash and no where to put it, China is investing heavily into its space exploration mission. This has left NASA look eerily at advancing Chinese progress while many Americans look upon a national pride folding up and giving away. Don't count the US just out yet, now instead of a space program financed by the government through NASA, space exploration would be moving into the hands of private companies like Boeing, Space X and Virgin Galactic. These companies are scrambling to take over the mantle from a field that has been widely dominated by sovereign nations. China sees its multi-billion dollar space exploration program as a way to raise national prestige internationally and domestically. On Tuesday, China blasted three astronauts out of a launch center in the Gobi Desert in a spaceship. This will be China's longest mission to space. The Shenzou 10 craft is expected to dock the Tiangon-1 space module so the crew will provide more supplies to China's space lab put into orbit in September 2011. The spaceshipis propelled by a Long March-2F rocket. China is running its space lab alone and is not part of the international project that currently maintains the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS is jointly coordinated by Russia's RKA space agency, the European Space Agency, Canadian CSA and NASSA. The ISS orbits the Earth conducting experiments from astronomy, physics to geography. The Chinese space crew is expected to spend 15 days in orbit where they will carry out test experiments related to the construction of a space station. China is looking forward to establishing a significant presence in space exploration. The crew would also master the entry and docking requirements essential for a space station. China is speeding up its space exploration with much concern from Washington.In 2012, China conducted 18 space launches according to Pentagon reports. This mission would be China's fifth manned exploration. Last year, China sent its first female into space. The Tuesday mission is made up of one woman Wang Yaping and two men Nie Haisheng and Zhang Xiaoguang. China's strong economic finances and growing trade dominance have empowered it to develop good space capabilities with military dimensions. These have raised some eyebrows in the Western Hemisphere. China contends it is not competing with the west in space exploration or militarily, but rather working to bolster it's economy, develop and promote science for its people. In other news, Iran is also aggressively pursuing a space program although there is still a deep divide whether its last mission successful put a mouse or a monkey into space. Ahmadinejad has vowed he would offer himself to Iran's space program so he would be sent into space to prove the country's space capabilities are formidable and strong enough to deter western countries from blasting its mountain-deep nuclear programs out of the ground. http://www.fonoliv (Rank Your City Competition is game on on Fonolive. Don'tlet your city come out last).  (Jun 11, 2013 | post #1)

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NFLer Chad John Gets Jail Time For Pat On Butt In Courtroom

You know Chad Johnson, once revered as one of the NFL's premier wide receivers of the Cincinnati Bengals. Well, he is heading to jail after assaulting his then-wife Evelyn Lozada in a domestic violence case. Johnson was in court the other day with his attorney trying to negotiate a plea bargain so he won't be sent to jail. Unfortunately for Johnson, he couldn't withhold his love for antics. Johnson reportedly slapped his male attorney on the rear end and the courtroom burst into laughter. Seems that was involuntary, though unwarranted. Judge Kathleen McHugh of Broward County in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. was not pleased with his actions. Johnson tried to explain he had no intent to make the court proceeding a joke because his life is currently in shambles. Despite the apology, the judge was not convinced and immediately rejected his plea deal. Judge Kathleen sentenced sent him to jail and Johnson is now serving 30 days of jail time. This is definitely a set back to the once promising career of the NFLer. Johnson played for the New England in 2011 after moving from Cincinnati. He only had 15 catches for 276 yards in one season with the Patriots before he was released. Johnson was then taken on by the Miami Dolphins before last season, but was left hanging the day after he got arrested for allegedly assaulting his former wife. Heading back to jail is definitely going to hurt his chances of getting on another team. NFL teams won't like th extra baggage and attention he would bring and given that he is 35 with waning skills, teams would be more reluctant to look in that direction. Johnson is yet to announce a retirement. He might be hoping to make one last comeback. He needs to get his antics in check next time and become more responsible domestically. Unfortunately, this second jail time may be a career door shut on him given that no one had signed him on after his previous release and there wasn't much talk about teams signing him on during this off season. Watch the video of Johnson patting his male attorney on the rear in the courtroom here http://www.fonoliv (Rank Your City Competition is game on on Fonolive. Don't let your city come last)  (Jun 11, 2013 | post #1)