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Apr 22, 2009

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Vernon, NJ

explosion today in lake wanda?

I know everyone was frantic absolutely. Thank you so much Charlotte for all of your help we're all doing the best we can to help this family. But ALSO we need to think about future as well as now. The family is staying at Crystal Springs at the moment. But will hopefully be in a house SOON for temporary. Gift cards for like wal*mart & home goods stores (for sheets and home products) would be AWESOME and greatly appreciated as well. I'm taking care of Meredith's bras & underwear...but she needs flip flops (size 8.5) She also told me she really isn't wearing jeans at the moment and would love capri sweat suit type outfits with zip up jackets. And sweatpants she is an XL Shirt & Pants. And comfy t-shirts. Gino needs sweatpants XL and 2XL t-shirts. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has helped out..and for all of the clothes donations. Like someone above said they had stopped taking clothes donations because they were overwhelmed with BAGS of clothes but half of them were either the wrong sizes or people dropped off stuff that was dirty and ripped. SO they will take donations of clothing but not an over abundance of things! Any type of donations can be dropped to me..Jessica June 973**534**3284. You can drop to my house or I can meet you. I will deliver the clothes/donations to Mer & the girls as they want to go through each bag one or two at a time so it's not too overwhelming, remember they are ina hotel so they can't have a ton of stuff. Gino is OUT OF ICU!!! YAY!! He is on his way to recovery! Still going to be a long road for him and the family but THANK GOD he is alright!! Thank you all for prayers, kind words & generous donations!  (Apr 29, 2009 | post #25)

Vernon, NJ

explosion today in lake wanda?

I am going to update the sizes..Incase you have anything that is in decent shape. They will take them. Just not an over abundance of stuff that would be useless to them! Some people have dropped off things that are torn and things that are not the correct sizes, I think just to unload them onto someone else. Rachel is 14.5 kids plus pants Denise is size 20 jeans/pants. All of the other info correct in the post above. ALSO please contact me if you have any money/gift cards/gas cards to drop to Meredith and her family. I have already had several people drop items to my house and Meredith is greatly appreciative to it all! My number is 973**534**3284. Also like Charlotte said, prepared foods are GREAT but maybe give me a call before you decide to cook something because again an over abundance of stuff could become a burden and if too much is brought up then it will go to waste. I can clear what day would be best for a prepared meal for them through Meredith. But also boxed items and canned goods, bottles of water, soda, juice, snacks, anything that can be frozen. Don't forget socks too, the needs socks and Denise & Sara LOVE flip flops! Thank you too all of those who have already helped out SO much, this family is so grateful to everyone!  (Apr 24, 2009 | post #22)

Highland Lakes, NJ

explosion today in lake wanda?

So I am not sure why I cannot get this thing to say Highland Lakes it's saying I'm from Warwick NY does anyone know how I can change it? ALSO Gas cards!! The trip down to St. Barnabas is a long one. And also hygenic products..such as toothpaste, deodorant, hair brushes..Which is why gift cards to wal*mart are probably the best! Thank you all for helping this family out. The 2 oldest girls went to school today which was a great step for them!! As it keeps their minds focused on something else and they get to see their friends and stay occupied. Remember, ANYTHING will be greatly appreciated. Small things make a world of difference especially to those who have lost everything!  (Apr 23, 2009 | post #21)

Vernon, NJ

Hundreds find treasures at Monster Garage Sale

I LOOOVE GARAGE SALES! =0) Didnt know about this one unfortunately.  (Apr 22, 2009 | post #2)