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Feb 28, 2009

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Marine Biology

Why I Left Greenpeace

i, too, was once an employee for Greenpeace, rather CalPIRGs. i must say, it was the most fulfilling job i have ever had. can't say that i always understood how they did things but hell, i am sure that they had their reasons and i am dam sure that whatever their reasons it was not for the money! so that backbiter should go hype someplace else, go hype a crite.  (Apr 11, 2009 | post #10)

Marine Biology

What can be done to help, not hurt, our oceans?

i appreciate your thoughts and i agree with you on that one also. please do not google "cute baby seal" images; there is nothing adorable about a madman clubbing a seal to death as it looks at him with its eyes just asking, "why?" at least that was the impression that i got. i almost wanted to be sick. for the life of me, i just don't understand what would possess people to do such awful things. and then there are the other awful things that people do. for instance, claiming that sonar does not hurt whales and dolphins and neither do the massive tankers that haul ass through their sanctuaries. what to do? what to do?  (Apr 11, 2009 | post #3)

Marine Biology

What can be done to help, not hurt, our oceans?

Pollution is a problem shared by one and all. Some just so happen to be affected more so than others. It is not a problem likely to clear up on its very own, either. In fact, if the human population of this planet refuses to admit there is an extremely critical situation amassing, the whole entire world will be jeopardized (to say the least). A moral lesson is taught to many children in their early years of life; take responsibility for one's actions. Apparently, people,on the whole, are either too forgetful or too apathetic to uphold this moral obligation. The Industrial Age spawned an era of discovery and invention that has afforded many possibilities to society. Some of these wonders are not as progressive as others. On the contrary, the other aspects are quite regressive in nature, as well as to nature. Not only have new forms of pollution been brought about, but the old forms of pollution have multiplied out of control! With power comes responsibility. No one can say that placing tighter regulations and/or obligations on manufacturers will cause even worse economic times. Were any individual or organization to say otherwise, then it would be quite obviously a fabrication of the truth. If they could foresee the economic future of things then where were they a year or two ago when the information could have saved the nation a lot of heart ache and problems? Therefore, now is the time to enforce serious regulations on those responsible for the waste created en masse today. There is no more time left to argue over who is responsible for what; from here on out, if a company manufactures something in large quantity, then they should be held liable for making sure that all byproducts and products at the end of life cycle are properly recycled, reduced, and/or reused. It does not matter how seemingly important or popular a product is, it is simply not worth all the side effects that clog up marine life innards, choke our lungs, contaminate our drinking water and food sources, and lay waste to what was once a beautiful natural habitat. We can buy anything but environmental health and well-being. Go figure.  (Mar 9, 2009 | post #1)

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