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Saturday Aug 23

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Bordentown, NJ

Who do you support for U.S. House in New Jersey (District...

Stop voting! Why is everyone adding to the problem? Vote when u c a solution! They all promise things they can't deliver, they are all phonies giving people false hope. They walk away from debt they created, without being held responsible. I would give u 2 cents for any of them, congress has a 9% approval rating! and we have to vote them out to get rid of them, in the real world you'd be fried, lose your pension etc. They give you tools that don't work, that's why they give them to you, making you think u have leverage. You hVe nothing. Wake up. We need a revolutionary war to take our country back. These politicians have lived the life of Riley for to long  (Sunday Aug 24 | post #33)

Bordentown, NJ

Anyone interested in role playing in bordentown area

Male Looking for female to role play in bordentown area between ages of 50-55.  (Sunday Aug 24 | post #1)