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Mar 3, 2010

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Knee Replacement

Failed Total Knee Replacement

i'm sure you've already considered pool exercises. but, you might be able to get a little of your body back in shape that way. as for the knee, my neighbor had a tkr 3 years ago and it's a disaster, as well. her xrays showed the leg was straight but the knee collapses, makes an inordinate amount of noise and hurts all the time. her doc keeps saying, 'well, everyone heals at their own pace.' b.s. she's going to check out the work in Thailand because she's heard they're good. I don't know, I just know that she's worse off now than she was before. good luck! j  (Jul 24, 2014 | post #5)

Dentist in Costa Rica

b/t/w, just to get straight. you said you were going to the cav's' and the cav's are about the least expensive office so, my comment " ..., so you've already saved a pile o'$$..." and your response: -- How would you know how much money I've saved? your odd response was to my general observation that you'll pay less than other places and that I pay more than 3% for my merchant account, was weird to me. NOW i'm done.  (Jul 22, 2014 | post #5954)

Dentist in Costa Rica

dear jmk, i'm unsure what you're so upset about. I was just trying to help. i'm not here to defend anyone or anything. if you're seeing a dental office then ask them. you're on a blog that has many different inputs so you'll get more than one right answer. i'm done. i'm sure you'll do fine without any further 'interference' from me. ah, is it any wonder I stopped blogging! j  (Jul 22, 2014 | post #5953)

Dentist in Costa Rica

hi pj, it's like that all over the world. also, changing anything over a $50 USD is difficult in many areas. even in c.r. you gotta go to the casino or bank to exchange those 'larger' bills. banks always ask for your passport in c.r. and some banks have refused the Xerox of the passport's first page that experienced travelers use for i.d. while sightseeing. your doc has no problems depositing the u.s. cash but even the docs get static when they try to deposit 'damaged' $. thanks for letting folks know what happened to you! travel to c.r. is like falling off a log if you know what to expect. it makes the little extra 'what?' events easier to handle, imho.. j  (Jul 22, 2014 | post #5951)

Dentist in Costa Rica

hi jmk, you can check and the cavs DO offer 3% for cash discount. maybe your friend, 'edward' misunderstood your question. it's what the cav's processor charges if it's anything like my v/mc processor. let's face it, the cav's' prices are pretty bare-bones for top materials & labor anyway, so you've already saved a pile o'$$ and 3% on top of that makes it even nicer. actually, i'm a merchant and my monthly charges come out to 3.8% when you amortize in all the fees. for example, merchants now have to pay an annual fee for extra forms they have to fill out saying they are safeguarding the charge information for their clients. that fee is on top of the %age paid to the v/mc processors. even in months when I haven't run anything thru v/mc, I have a combination of minimum charges and fees taken out of my merchant accounts. so the cav's' giving you 3% when they're probably paying 4% after all is said and done is an extra giveback to you. j  (Jul 22, 2014 | post #5950)

Dentist in Costa Rica

JP Morgan Chase. New York is the transferring bank. as for familiarity w/bank wire transfers, i'm not a specialist so I asked my bank (Chase) and they told me of the rules' change. Perhaps they gave me incomplete or incorrect info. like I said, check before you go. as I mentioned, you must check with your dentist as to whether they take any form of payment, including those you mentioned. I didn't single out any office or clinic. here's what I wrote: 4. most places don't take any checks of any kind, including travelers or cashiers'. the chances for fraud are too high and it takes too long to get the money actually transferred into their accounts. it can take as long as 2-3 weeks in some cases. make sure and check w/your dentist BEFORE you go.  (Jul 20, 2014 | post #5942)

Dentist in Costa Rica

ordinarily, I wouldn't answer something like this but... I was called a paid shill, an error that attacks my reputation and honor, and one that is untrue. let's be clear. I do NOT get paid for recommending dr. cavallini. as a matter of fact, I have said nice things about other dentists, as well, throughout my time posting online, including today when someone asked about other good dentists in a pm. i'm proud of the dental work i got at the cavallinis and grateful for the difference it has made in my life. further, I do not make money if someone comes to the clinic and I don't lose money if they don't. I make NO commissions from the cavallinis. period. repeat, in case you didn't hear it the first time, I make NO commissions and I do not 'sell' the cavallinis. I am not a paid shill. my only interest when I began posting ages ago is the same as it is now, to help people have an easier trip and a better trip to c.r. and to know what to expect. look back at my posts and you'll see that this is true. the fact that my opinion of the work at the cavallini clinic is that it is the best, is my opinion after visiting most of the offices mentioned online. and, over the years, that opinion has not changed. but, it is MY opinion. the way I make my living has nothing to do with the cavallinis and never has. I built and own a small company. I've been in business for a couple of decades and enjoy that immensely. my business has done well; I live overlooking the ocean, and I live very comfortably. I don't know what you are experiencing, thunder bay, and i'm sorry if you're having any issues but I do know that the cavallinis stand behind their work and have for 40 years. if there's a problem with their work, whatever it is, they will fix it for free. period. and, as for 'what clinic', it's not an advertising place. people post about their experiences and 'what clinic' calls the posters, discusses their post and what was done, to verify they're for real. they are very serious about verification and post nothing unless it is verified by phone. how do I know? cuz when I added my review, they spent about 5 minutes on the phone with me when they called to verify my phone and info. i wish you luck, thunder bay. were I you, i'd give the docs a call and let them know you are not satisfied. even with the flamey post you made, I have no doubt they'll still help you with a smile and fix your concerns for free. they're that kind of folks. you know my email, tbay. if you want to give me a shout, do. jerry  (Jul 7, 2014 | post #5805)

Dentist in Costa Rica

I must apologize to the folks on the blog. I've asked topix to remove the post under my name, #5775. my sister came in while I was posting, reading over my shoulder. when I left the room for a bit, she posted that post. while it's not rude or obscene, it's not something I would have posted. as she's taller than I am, i'll refrain from trying to wrestle her into the corner with a dunce cap but she will NOT be posting again here. she's promised that it was her first and last time. I apologize for her. anyone want a tall little sister? jerry6665  (Jul 4, 2014 | post #5784)

Dentist in Costa Rica

ok. this is getting funny. post #5548 which was my attempt to post what dave asked for... also seems to have vanished. so dave suggested to try again. we'll do it in 2 parts. man, this posting is turning into hard work! for some reason, when I replied to dave's urging to do the may day report, he has been unable to see the post so here it is again. I've added the prices in today's dollars for the work done to give a comparison. Dentist in Costa Rica hi dave, ok, here's my 2 cents worth as requested. my work is over five and a half years old. it's a cavallini job and is as good today as it was the day I finished. actually, it's better because i'm totally used to having a complete, healthy mouth now. it took a while to get used to it! I had 10 implants, 24 crowns, 1 major surgical extraction that required a 2 1/2 hour delicate oral surgery to save the teeth that were next to the molar, one normal extraction, gum re-do, root canal and miscellaneous work. I have had ZERO problems, nothing has failed or become infected, fallen off or out, or looked out of place or phony. I fell flat on my face a while back. I hit a cement floor, cutting the inside of my mouth and smashing my nose. I was afraid the implants and/or crowns were broken but there wasn't a bit of trouble even after meeting the cement floor with my face - not a chip on any crown nor a loosening of the implants. the dentist here in California wanted over $100,000 for less work than I got from the cavallini office and I ended up paying under $12,000 for everything there. plus, I got the most compassionate, kind and understanding work I had EVER received from a medical or dental professional. I am STILL grateful for the great grin I have now. I guess being the most experienced prosthodontist and oral surgeon placing implants in costa rica counts for something! thank you, dr cavallini, dr marco and staff. I will be forever grateful. see next entry for costs:  (May 4, 2014 | post #5550)

Dentist in Costa Rica

oops, sorry, I forgot the root canal price: root canal by Clinic specialist: $300 (it never hurt, b/t/w post and core: $125  (May 4, 2014 | post #5549)