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Aug 6, 2013

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Skyline Marketing Ltd scam Company Beware!!!

Hi I am Jenny, Someone I know used to work at skyline marketing ltd in Birmingham. All I can say is they are a very big scam company. They basically put ads up for jobs with titles like "Trainee Sales Advisor", "Sales Assistant", "Direct Customer Service / Marketing Rep", "Marketing Trainee", "Marketing Sales Assistant", "Customer Service and Sales" All the fake job titles are for the same job which is basically door to door sales. You go out from 12 noon till 8 30PM everyday including Saturdays doing door to door sales.. trying to sell lovefilm etc. They basically give you a map and tell you to go to that place. You have to pay for your own travel catch trains, busses etc,buy your own food, find that place and then start knocking on over 100 doors. There is no basic minimum salary or anything, You could be working all day in cold, rain, snow and you don't get paid anything if you don't get any sales. You have to knock on over 100 doors everyday and pitch to them like an idiot in rain, snow etc and listen to all the insults and threats people say to you for knocking on their door. If you cant sell their services they will blame it on you. They will say its your attitude or your pitch or the way your presenting it to them. Theyll tell you its always your fault and not the systems fault. Then they have these things called road trips which means you go to another city with 5 or 6 people to sell their stupid lovefilm etc. You pay your own travel expenses, you buy your own food, you pay for the hotel and you still might not make anything on the road trip. Salary: You get paid around £50 every week no matter what and theyll make excuses and wont tell you why your getting paid less. Please be ware of this scam company and all other marketing company scams that are out there. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope it helps someone.  (Aug 6, 2013 | post #1)