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Jun 17, 2013

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My name is Jennifer Baxtron,at age 2 I was burned over 50% of my body by emersion in hot water.I was raised in a foster home for 16yrs.Grew up in a small town next to Syracuse,and came to Potsdam every summer with my foster mom Ellen to visit the family (the Planty's.)I used to go to the Mitchels farm,and help them out.I loved the experience.As a young girl I was teased and tourmented about my burns.There's so much that I could write but to make a long story short,My biological mother,who I have wholeheartedly forgiven for putting me in the hot water,will be 70 this year,and is having heart surgury soon,needs me and is willing to relocate here.I left Syracuse to get my 11 year old son out of that negetive enviroment there.The only reason I didn't want to leave,was my mother,she didn't want to move. I absolutly love it here.I'm close to my foster mom and f.step dad Eddie and Ellen Planty I love the community and I love my church family (Potsdam Church Of The Nazarine).We need a 3 bedroom house By August 31st.I currently live in Evergreen Park (Racquette Acres)and they won't let my mother live with me here,besides it wouldn't be convienent for her in this apt because she cannot walk up and down stairs.Regardless of anything that has ever happened in the past,I love my mother,and as her daughter I need to be here for her and help her.My foster mom Ellen has tried to get me up here for so long,but I wasn't ready,Everything happens on time,and for a reason.I don't want to leave the village of Potsdam and go back to Syracuse.So if you may have any information on a house,or even a company that may be willing to build a small 3 bedroom handicapped accessible flat house ( and I would give back to the community through my Godly ways)still.please respond back or email me @[email protected] thank you.  (Jun 17, 2013 | post #1)