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Nov 5, 2013

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Japanese Bring up Tinplate Price

According to Business Network, steel mills in Japan are planning to increase [url=http://www.mi /tinplate/supreme- quality-electrolyt ic-tinplate-mr-dr- grade/]electrolyti c tinplate[/url] exporting price to Asia countries during the 1st season of 2014. It is expected that the price would be increased by USD50/MT. However, based on the present marketing level, a majority of Asia [url=http://www.mi /tinplate/electrol ytic-tinplate-coil /]electrolytic tinplate coil[/url] customers can only accept a price increment of USD30/MT at most. It is expected by the industry that tinplate export price will continue to rise due to the growth in demand for tinplate for the 2nd season of 2014. As a matter of fact, Japanese mills steel mill had successfully increased the [url=http://www.mi /tinplate/]tinplat e[/url] exporting price by USD50/MT for tinplate in the Middle East during the last season of 2013.  (Jan 8, 2014 | post #1)

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Tinplate price of Chinese Baosteel increased in December

Baosteel, one of the steel giant in China announced its [url=http://www.mi /]electrolytic tinplate[/url] for December recently. According to their announcement, the price for tinplate with thickness of 0.2mm is about RMB7122/MT, while [url=http://www.mi /tinplate/electrol ytic-tinplate-shee t/]electrolytic tinplate sheet[/url] with thickness of 0.35mm is RM5882/MT. It is clear to see that the price for both specs remains flat comparing with previous month. However, the marketing price for [url=http://www.mi /tinplate/etp-elec trolytic-tinplate- steel-tinplate-she et-bright-finish/] ETP[/url] actually increased by RMB200~RMB400/MT, as Baosteel reduced its discount range for tinplate. Where do you think the price goed?  (Jan 8, 2014 | post #1)

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Stainless Steel Base Metal Categories

We all know that metals and alloys are solid crystals, which in its interior atoms are arranged according to certain rules, arranged generally three ways namely: body-centered cubic lattice structure, face-centered cubic lattice structure and the hcp lattice structure. [url=http://www.mi /stainless-steel/s tainless-steel-bar /]cold drawn stainless steel bar[/url] is composed of a polycrystalline structure which is formed in the metal of the crystallization process . Composed of iron-carbon alloy of iron with two lattice structure : 910 ℃ the following as having a body-centered cubic lattice structure of α - iron , 910 ℃ for more than a face-centered cubic lattice structure Υ - iron . If the carbon atom to squeeze [url=http://www.mi /stainless-steel/s tainless-steel-bar /]stainless steel bar[/url] , which does not destroy the iron has the lattice structure , called a solid solution of such materials . Carbon dissolved in the α - Fe solid solution formed in said ferrite, its ability to dissolve the carbon is very low, the maximum solubility of not more than 0.02%. While the carbon dissolved in the Υ - the formation of a solid solution of iron called austenite , and its ability to dissolve the carbon is higher, up to 2%. Austenitic iron -carbon alloy high-temperature phase . Steel of austenite formed at high temperatures , cooled to below 727 ℃ supercooled austenite becomes unstable . If the cooling rate is too great to cool to below 230 ℃ , when the austenite diffusion of carbon atoms is no longer possible , the direct transformation of austenite into a carbon supersaturated solid solution α , called martensite . Since [url=http://www.mi /stainless-steel/s tainless-steel-bar /]hot rolled stainless steel bar[/url], causing the strength and hardness of martensite , plastic lower brittleness increases . The corrosion resistance of stainless steel mainly from chromium.  (Nov 5, 2013 | post #1)