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Oct 31, 2010

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Bristol, VA

Little Caesars Pizza Euclid Ave

Ive never had a bad pizza or gotten sick there  (Oct 31, 2010 | post #4)

Big Stone Gap, VA

Dustin Stratton

First and foremost apparently you dont know the Stratton family because there isnt 3 of us there is 4 im the oldest get your facts straight before you slander someone we will find out who you are I have ways to trace this back its pretty bad when you have nothing to do with your life but to try and cause misery for others.As far as him getting fired from walmart for stealing thats BS i know for a fact he didnt because my other brother was the manager there at the time he was employed there. I know my brothers arent perfect but know one is.They have always been there for me in the past and have never ever asked for anything in return You got a problem come to us this shit dont need to be aired on the damn internet i have friends and family every where Big Stone Gap,Pound,Wise,Norton,Pennington Gap. Grow up,grow a sac and Quit your Bithchin!!!  (Oct 31, 2010 | post #11)