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Aug 13, 2008

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Asheville Citizen-Times

EFCA gives employees a better chance to form a union

Unions stifle individuality, innovation, creativity and excellence, while promoting mediocrity. There is no incentive to excel in a union environment. In fact it is discouraged because it makes less motivated or gifted workers look bad in comparison. Unions have contributed greatly to the demise of the steel and automobile industries and pushed numerous other manufacturing companies overseas. Unions are responsible for the rust belt. The teachers' unions are why our government schools are in such sorry shape and why our children are being indoctrinated by progressive dogma from kindergarten through graduate school. Unions are in decline, and to stop that down hill momentum, they have proposed this card check bill, which should be known as the "Unionization by Intimidation Bill."  (Apr 2, 2009 | post #7)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Taking Employee Free Choice Act a few steps further

This act should be called The Unionism by Intimidation Act. Dionysis says that it allows rank and file employees to make a decision whether to allow elections. In theory, it might, but with fellow workers and union thugs looking over their shoulders and knowing whether or not the worker signed the card for the election or for the union, what real choice does the worker have? If he wants to avoid the wraith of the thugs he will sign to have the union without an election. The only thing wrong with the current system is that the unions cannot force their will on the workers, and that is a good thing. With the economy in the state it's in, the last thing we need is more unionization.  (Apr 1, 2009 | post #3)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Criticism of president's speechifying is just partisan noise

What hostile, loaded questions? Every question this very biased new media throws at Lord Obama is asked to make him look good. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew ahead of time what they were going to ask. As for the teleprompter. No politician has been dependent on one has He is. He can't even make an opening statement without one. He is not a great speaker, he is a great reader. You progressives make fun of Rush Limbaugh, but he spoke for nearly and hour and half before the Conservative PAC without using a teleprompter. If you are intelligent and truly believe what you say, and the words are your own and not someone else's, there is little use for one. Obama is not a genius, he just plays one on TV.  (Mar 28, 2009 | post #5)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Group defends Pack Square changes

You're right. Asheville is not a city for rednecks, it is a city for self-righteous progressive hypocrites, who love to spend other peoples' money on their liberal causes. No damn wonder it is known as little San Franscisco. It has attracted almost as many homosexuals, bums, parasites and do-gooders as have Durham and Chapel Hill.  (Mar 26, 2009 | post #23)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Group defends Pack Square changes

This whole project is an example of what happens when you allow a bunch of artsy, fartsy people to take control of city government. This project was unneeded and a complete waste of money, and it will continue to be a money pit in the future. Any one who thinks that it will not attract the human debris that now frequent Prichard Park are drinking or smoking some of the same substances used by said debris. It caused disruption to traffic and to business in the area that can never be made up for. It makes less since than making college street two lanes, instead of four lanes, and that was a very idiotic idea! Hold on to your wallets, God only knows what her Mayorship and the remaineder have in mind for you in the future.  (Mar 26, 2009 | post #6)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Popcorn episode shows Haywood's priorities to be seriousl...

Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would agree with you on anything, but what you have written about this habitual criminal is 100% true. Just goes to show that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn once in a while.  (Mar 23, 2009 | post #44)

Asheville Citizen-Times

We can't just blame Bush for housing/banking failure

Does anyone remember Maxine Waters accusing the Bush administration of attempting a public lynching when they questioned the stewardship of Franklin Raines, and Barney Frank claiming there was no problem at either Fannie or Freddie? The banks were coerced by the Dems to grant loans to uncredit worthy individuals, and now they want to blame it all on Bush. What idiots!!  (Mar 18, 2009 | post #11)

Asheville Citizen-Times

SC motorcycle rally moving from beach to NC

Do you feel better now that you got all that rage off your chest? You might want to take a chill pill. Well, the nurse is calling me to take my meds and then I need to tend to my drug and prostitution businesses, so I have to go. Have a good day, idiot! lmfao  (Mar 17, 2009 | post #136)

Asheville Citizen-Times

SC motorcycle rally moving from beach to NC

I would suggest that you tour Grande Dunes, Plantation Point, Plantation Lakes, the Bluffs on the Waterway and the numerous other communities in the Myrtle Beach area that have shacks ranging from $400,000 to $5,000,000 in value. Myrtle Beach is primarily a tourist town, and in a down ecomomy tourism is one of the first things to suffer, so naturally marketing will be more agressive. If I were from Bristol, Tn., I certainly wouldn't critize any other town. Myrtle Beach has hundreds of restaurants and an entertainment scene that would rival many large cities. What in the hell does Bristol have besides a racetrack? I lived the first 61 years of my life in Asheville, and I love the mountains, but narrow minded snobs like you are one of the many reasons that I chose to retire in Myrtle Beach.  (Mar 16, 2009 | post #133)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Health care should be about health, not about profits

I have read and reread the US Constitution, and no where in it can I find a right to health care. You have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What gives the government the right to take money by force from one citizen and give it to another citizen? If a private citizen took money from me, at the point of a gun, and gave it to someone else, that he thought needed it more than me, he would be guilty of armed robbery. That is what the government does every day. Apparently we now have the right to TV as evidenced by the converter box give away. Some people think that you have the right to food, clothing, housing, etc. No one has a right to anything that requres the forcible taking of someone else's property to pay for.  (Mar 15, 2009 | post #11)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Perdue makes probation push on visit

I was actually employed by the Division of Community Corrections three years ago when I read the survey in a professional journal. It concerned "career criminals" in the entire U.S. Sorry, I can't cite the specific study or even tell you what publication it was in, as I used to read numerous publications put out by various govt. agencies and prefessional groups. Probation can be effective, if the officers have the proper resources and managable case loads. Drug treatment fails more times than it succeeds in prison or out, but is worth a try.  (Mar 14, 2009 | post #12)

Asheville Citizen-Times

SC motorcycle rally moving from beach to NC

Sorry you took offense at my comments. They were directed towards the Harley riders and black bikers that have no regard for anyone but themselves and run ruffshod over the city during the month of May. I certainly have no problem with individual bikers that know how to conduct themselves. As for my beach shack, I don't know what you are looking at, but the house I live in was on the tax books for $468,000 when the original owner, who was also the contractor, last paid his taxes before moving out. I purchased the house one year ago for $555,000, after it had been listed on MLS for $619,000.  (Mar 14, 2009 | post #129)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Perdue makes probation push on visit

Just what non-violent offenders do you want released. Non-violent first offenders are not sent to NC prisons in the first place. Only repeat non-violent offenders and those first offenders who have already failed at probation are in prison. Repeat non-violent offenders may not physically assault you, but if they steal everything you own, you may indeed feel violated. Studies show that the cost to society of keeping career criminals in prison is less than leaving them on the street. I don't want them breaking in my house, stealing my identity or selling drugs to anyone's children. Build more prisons and beef up probation as the governor has proposed. There are several condions of probation that are mandatory and some that are in the Judge's discretion. The new search proposal would move the seach condion from optional to mandatory. That is a good idea, and contrary to Rand's proposal, any automobile or dwelling house of the probationer's should be included. The Supreme Court as held that once a person is convicted and placed on probation, he may be required to waive certain constitutional rights, such as searchs. The probationer can always refuse the search and face a probation violation charge, if he wishes  (Mar 14, 2009 | post #7)

Asheville Citizen-Times

SC motorcycle rally moving from beach to NC

Well good for you, my life is an open book. My beach shack cost over a half million dollars, and my girlfriend makes sure that it is free of all pests, particularly pests like you. Crawl back into the shadows and have a terrible day.  (Mar 14, 2009 | post #126)

Asheville Citizen-Times

Limbaugh is out for Limbaugh, has nothing to offer the re...

Anyone who thinks the right wing promotes hate, just listen to this progressive nut hoping that Rush Limbaugh dies because he disagrees with his politics. When was the last time that Rush Limbaugh or any other Conservative hoped someone would die?  (Mar 11, 2009 | post #89)

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