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Oct 3, 2011

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Amelia Court House, VA

Amelia County, Virginia Judges and Police Dept is CORRUPT

Dear Anonymous, Since then, and to this day! I still try really hard, to be very careful in my activity, and I keep trying (with Jesus Christ’s help), to get better in the areas I might can. I had wanted so badly to get well enough to get off Disability; and work for my own living again. It’s a really slow process, now. Anonymous, I will be Praying that your Children won’t be molested, and scarred for life. If they did, that would be a REAL TRAGEDY and VERY SICKENING TO MY SOUL! Trust God to be the REAL JUDGE. One thing very important I do need to tell you. Trust God and Jesus to take that hate and bitterness out of your heart. I KNOW THIS IS NOT EASY TO DO! The only reason I’m telling you, is because if you leave it to fester; like I initially DID. I ended up with a cancer issue. And as soon as I realized what I was doing…….giving more power of my life over to those who don’t give a damn. I had to ASK God and Jesus to HELP ME, because this was one thing I could not do by myself! I NEEDED His Help to Forgive. As soon as I did this. Jesus HEALED the Cancer issue inside my body, and for my last two Oncologist visits. I am Cancer Free! Sincerely, Jeannie Leber  (Oct 4, 2013 | post #8)

Amelia Court House, VA

Amelia County, Virginia Judges and Police Dept is CORRUPT

Dear Anonymous I have Traumatic Brain Injury and have brain glitches. I wanted to answer your post. So, hopefully you will be able to make out what I’m saying. I am Genuinely sorry to hear what happened to you, in your court case with the Amelia County Judicial System, and you not being given time, to Testify to your side, or be heard at all. When the laws statewide for The United States were not written with prejudice. I know what you experienced left a very bitter taste in your mouth. Especially over your children, and you wanting to be a Good Mother and PROTECT your children from Sexual Perversions. I can really appreciate that about you as a Precious Mother. Your children won’t forget you. I am not making excuses at all; for the way you and I were grossly mistreated in our Court cases in Amelia County, Virginia. And we got stomped into the dirty cracks of INJUSTICE. This may not be any consolation or Comfort to you. I read months later, after that deadly beating I very severely suffer from. I read that Judge Valentine Southall, Jr. had been acting Judge for four or five surrounding counties. He was the only Judge to work those four or five counties, by himself. His work overload, was tremendous, and frustrating for him. He was spread too thin. We ALL have been in these shoes, of too much coming at us at the same time, and feel overwhelmed and certainly overloaded. After I read about that, I considered this could have played a part in his impatience, and unwillingness to hear yours or my legitimate Court case or to show our Evidence. I know this does not excuse the way we were harshly treated. But it at least explained to me a little, why we got treated dirty. He only had a certain amount of time to hear any person’s court case, before he had to drive to another county to listen to court cases there. When I went before Judge Valentine Southall, Jr. for the case against the biological brother deadly fist beat me. When I was already Disabled. At first, I didn’t want to bring charges against him. I was ripped apart to believe my biological brother meant to murder me. I did prefer charges against him, because all the doctors were telling me I would never be able to work a paying job, again! Before I got beat mercilessly! I had gotten better from my initial Disability, and had registered for college, and working to pay my college tuition. I wanted SO MUCH to eventually be able to get off Social Security Disability. Now? Who knows?! When I was in Critical Medical Care in Virginia. I didn’t know I was also suffering from left and right snapped into, detached jawbones. One of the jagged, broken jawbones is pressing into a major artery to my brain. I sustained a broken neck at my brain stem, (My Specialists are trying their best to keep me out of a Halo) and a 4 mm brain aneurysm had newly formed. Where my head/skull bounced fast on the concrete patio with each deadly fist blow. I was suppose to have Radical Bilateral Jaw Reconstruction Surgeries, done in 3 Surgery Stages. To have artificial jawbones prosthetics surgically put in. But I flat-lined during the Jaw Surgeon’s first Stage Jaw Surgery. So now they won’t touch me with any kind of surgeries. I have to live with the jagged, detached broken bones in both jaws and broken bone in my neck at the brain stem. I have to support my neck, by wearing a hard collar often. I can’t chew food anymore. I have to mush foods up and drink it. If I can even remember to eat. The worsened Brain Damage was really bad. Sincerely, Jeannie Leber  (Oct 4, 2013 | post #7)

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I am making a National Public PLEA! PLEASE HAVE MERCY O...

If anyone knows how I can get help with my snapped in two jawbones. Please call me or Email me at [email protected] I Genuinely appreciate it! Sincerely, Jean Leber  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #2)

Amelia Court House, VA

Murderers in an estranged family, in Amelia County, Virginia

I wish to God I could get an Attorney in Virginia! I might at least get my house and 5 acres of land that evil brother stole from me, after I paid in full for it! Plus he got 30 additional acres, adjoining my property. He already had 15 acres of his own. He did not need mine, too! God ONLY knows why my eldest brother would never find the time to make the Contract legal with an attorney! But he didn't, and tore my Contract up, and gave my home and 5 acres land over to such an evil brother! That was not enough! I come to VA to visit my dyiing Mother at his (now) home. And got a deadly beating out of it! All because I told him and his wife it was mighty cruel and cold-blooded for him and the eldest brother not to allow our Mother's 3 daughters to be by our Mother's side on her deathbed. So she would not die alone. I have at least $150,000 dollars in Medical bills, that I had to use the majority of my Inheritance Money to pay doctors and Specialists to fix the completely broken bones in both my jaws and my neck, to no awail, because the Surgeons say it's way too dangerous! The broken bones are pressing on Major Arteries leading to my Brain, causing my Brain to Swell internally and outside the cranial skull. Migraines producing strokes and TIA's and alot more injuries! I had my PROOF but Judge Southall flat out refused to let me present it! He just dismissed my case without ever hearing it! I didn't even get to go to my Own Mother's funeral, due to being in the hospital again! I've been in the hospitals 19 times thus far, on EMERGENCY BASIS! The doctors and Specialists were right when they said the SHOCK and VIOLENT TRAUMA caused me to completely change who I was before; I was beaten with deadly blows! This evil youngest brother walks free. And I live in the rawest inhumane torture noone can comprehend. The Doctors have given up on me, and they know I am on my way out. The only thing that can be done at this point is keep me as comfortable on Morphine as humanly possible. NONE OF THIS SHOULD HAVE EVER HAPPENED! I am DISABLED and I WAS absolutely no threat to and and all the siblings and their spouses. I NEVER made no threats, and I was NOT a Threat. Disabled people don't get around too well. Life slows down for them. The Severe Life Threatening Brain Damage, has cause so much complications and SO MUCH AFTERMATH that won't quit! He gets off scott-free. No penalty, no jail and no conscience of what he did to me was horrifically WRONG! It takes a COWARD and a piece of SKUM to beat a Disabled sister; to an inch of my life! I DEAD that very day November 15, 2009 when that evil beast beat me so unmerciful! I'm very sad, because the doctors know I am not going to get better, but will die. They found a new 4 mm Brain Aneurysm in the center back of my brain. Right where that brother beat my head against the concrete patio! The Neuro Eye Specialists said I have the VERY REAL threat of going blind! This particular Neuro Eye Doctor had to make a last ditch effort and make my eye glass prescription 4 times stronger than the pair I had for only 1 year earlier!  (Oct 3, 2011 | post #4)

Amelia Court House, VA

Announcing bid for Sherriff in Amelia

I hope you get your just due, like you and the Amelia Police Dept. gave me when my biological brother attempted to MURDER ME! This is the sickest, most depraved Amelia Polie and Judicial system I have ever seen in my life! Murder and all kinds of evil is dismissed in the Amelia Courts. Yet the Innocent, upright people; continue in their agonizing AFTERMATH of consequence for the lax professionalism of Amelia Sheriff's Dept. And The Amelia Judges. You all make your rules as you go. Nothing is by the law. It's by you all's own made up rules as you go! I will NEVER forgive the way I was treated by Amelia Police Dept, and The Judges in Amelia, and The Amelia Rescue Squad. When my brother violently beat me to an inch of my life. All because I travelled from FL to VA to see my dying Mother. I did not even get to go to my own Mother's funeral. I was in the Hospital, again fighting for my life! To this day! The Violent Brain Damage,Completely Broken in two bones are not Surgically reconnected. I've been in the hospital 19 times! Intensive Care, Critical Care, Urgent Care has been a way of life for me from the day that brother beat the life out of me. The ENTIRE AMELIA CO. Judicial SYSTEM DID NOTHING TO HELP ME! NOTHING! The Medical Specialists STILL STRUGGLE EVERY STINKING DAY OF MY LIFE TO KEEP MY HEART PUMPING, and I HOLD A $150,000.00 MEDICAL BILLS from the constant daily Life-Threatening Injuries that youngest brother did to me; his Disabled sister! Judge Valentine Southall flat out refused to see my Evidence, Pictures, Hospital Records, NOTHING! My brother went free. And I still suffer a raw torture chamber of hell, in severe pain! You all want to be elected for a higher position. When you all did a horrific bad job, with the one you had!  (Oct 3, 2011 | post #2)