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Feb 23, 2013

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Desperate father needs help

found out twins arent my kids child support enforcement says dna test cant overturn the decision cause the birth certificate was signed. why are women getting away with this and people keep saying you shouldnt have signed when all parents know that when your in a relationship and the women gets pregnant you would assume the child is yours because you slept in the same bed.Besides that the hospital brings you the acknowledgement papers after the child is placed in your arms after delivery. How is that fair. Why is it the mother is on public assistance so she can eforce childsupport she hasnt work in over ten years has her currently released non-biological father ex con boyfriend claiming the kids on his taxes even though the children are on her case so she can get rental assistance, cash benefits, section 8, and medicaid when shes 31 and can work? Why is it the mother was reported to the New York welfare fraud and nothing happens? Why is it that i report the situation to New York State Governor Cuomo via certified letter and email and the response was take it up with childsupport? Why are lawyers telling me im stuck paying and theirs no way i can win because of the acknowledgement being siged? How is this fair? The mother is now 31 5 kids 4 different baby daddys and im stuck paying for three when we have only one child together? None of the other fathers are involved except for me and my one child we have together. How much more humiliation can i take and just be ignored by government agencies to then be obligated to pay child support for two children that call her boyfriend daddy until they 18 which is the next 11 years. Please help is their anyone out their with the same problem? its unfair that this person continues to live in a 4 bedroom apt for free with public assistance section 8 paying for everything while she files false tax returns to get earned income credit with no proof of income and her boyfriend who works lives for free and claims the other kids that dhe receives benefits for? why is it always poor mother what happen to legit father being deceited by unfaithful women but the system is biased towards fathers. How is it she been reported to Childsupport enforcement at 66 lafayette in new york city, welfare fraud in albany, bronx family court, and New york state Governor Cuomo and nothing happens? Please help i take care of my child with her why am i forced to be humiliated for paying the others when we never married and she lied to me while we were together?  (Feb 23, 2013 | post #1)