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Sep 17, 2013

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Election 2014: Mississippi Senate race is tea party's bes...

Thad, "Out of touch with the voters"? Correction, Thad never was in touch  (Apr 3, 2014 | post #1)

Louisville, KY

Downtown Assaults By Group of Teens (3/22/14)

If what was said on the O'Rielly show on FOX lastnight the crime reports of the river front area are not being reported. Does the mayor and chief of police still have ajob this morning? Or in the process of being fired or impeached for fraud and corruption? What a shame Louisville's city fathers are so inept, incompetent and crooked. Shame on the citizens of Louisville for not demanding their immediate resignations if nothing but making a statement.  (Mar 27, 2014 | post #65)

Hattiesburg, MS

Gay Marriage - Hattiesburg, MS

Getting forgetting about the religious or right and wrong stuff, or love, etc,,, Hypothetical: If "Same Sex Marriage" becomes legal coast to coast what would keep two "Straight " best friends, or good friends, or any Straight same sex people for that matter getting married just to game the system(s). "Friend A" has no health insurance and or job and comes down with a high dollar curable disease, or injury. Good "Friend B" works for the USPS, or other any government job, with job and all the great Cadillac benefits with his/her great insurance we schmuck tax payers provide for him. So new spouse "Spouse A" gets a million $ cure using this new scam. There's no laws that say a married couple has to live together, have sex, have any kind of romance. They can even keep there regular girlfriend or boyfriend of the opposite sex. Their same sex marriage will just be a piece of paper making it legal to game and scam the system. So after the million dollar cure of Spouse A a no fault divorce for couple hundred bucks and all is well. They are then free to go about their merry way and thumbtheir nose at the world and then marry their opposite sex partners for their second and real marriage and all lives happily ever after, till death they do part. Spouses are exempt from testifying against spouses in a court. Same "Straight Same Sex Marriage" scam only different circumstances situation. Friens A commits heinous mandatory life sentence crime and only witness is best friend. Wedding bells wil be a'ringing by high noon. The only thing that legally can keep Straights from marrying other Straights is they both have to be single, (not already married). How many gays would get married just to game the system with like scenarios mentione above? A certain percentage for sure. I'm sure there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of scams that can be thought up with legalizing same sex marriage. Same sex marriage will surely open many unnecessary cans of worms.  (Mar 26, 2014 | post #99)

Hattiesburg, MS

Marijuana - Hattiesburg, MS

The indoctrinated, reefer madness, folk always declare that it is a gateway drug to the real drugs but never declare that their beloved beer, wine, or whiskey, is a gateway to the marijuana. Legalize it and their won;t be any more using it than while it is still illegal. There will be no more people driving under the influence than now, No more kids buying and using than now. Probably less once controlled as in the liquid spirits. No one will know, or realize, any difference in society if it is legalized, except for the cops that finally can tend to more serious matters. And what's the difference in getting a buzz via the lungs vs the stomach,, the stuff of choice gets to the brain either way you use it. Let the record show that I'm not a user of any drug, or marijuana either, but I also realize the big lies and fanatical propaganda, and ignorance that surrounds the so called evils of marijuana. Treat it just like alcohol when it come to the laws.  (Mar 26, 2014 | post #28)


Clash Of GOP Titans In Mississippi Senate Race

Cat74 said >>> ""He has been in Washington long enough to find his way around, and get "things done." What in God's name has TC done so far besides being one of the few RINOs that voted aye for Chuck Hagel, Obama's #1 RINO butt boy, for SoD. Cochran and his ilk is why BHO and his subversive Marxist comrades are in power and systematically dismantling, fundamentally transforming, our Republic into a 3rd Word Banana Republic. We finally got Trent Lott out after years of feathering his nest, the rest needs to go. Cochran is a perfect example why the American Voters should demand term limits,, asap. Term Limits with salary only,, no benefits, perks, etc, etc. I'm not affiliated with the Tea Party but if the TP, the greatest grass roots movement since 1776, doesn't save our Republic, as far gone as it is, probably 90% gone, the Republic is doomed. The damage done to this point by the types in DC now, both parties, the damage will take 100 years to be repaired and recover.  (Mar 26, 2014 | post #4)

Prentiss, MS

Good Guy, BAD Cop

Cops are just at the top of the list of public servants that have the proverbial uncalled for asinine attitude toward the public, us very schmucks that pay their salaries, perks and retirement. That sophomoric, jr high school, attitude normally called the "DMV Attitude" (google it) goes with all, or most, public employees on the A-hole side of the counter. How many times has one been nice, with a smile, when renewing drivers license, car tags, car titles, county clerks, city clerks, state jerks, US Post Office. USPS clerks, over paid by far with tons of cushy perks/retirement, benefits, bonu$e$, all provided by the tax payers and they are by far, as a general rule, can be the rudest and elitist acting jerks of all to the ones that pay their salaries. How that attitude ever got started, eons ago, when they hire own in any of the above mentioned jobs,, to serve the public and be paid generously by that public is a mystery. It's a right of passage for the to be unfriendly asinine jerks it seems. And no one is a coward by not calling names. Who wants to be targeted for harassment and unwarranted kangaroo style traffic tickets, maybe trumped up jail time, every time they back out of their driveway. That said, how many cops reading this right now are wishing they knew who I was so they could do what they do best, "get even". And the cops reading this know that has crossed their minds about me, or anyone else, and would never admit that they have those, I'll nail his civilian ass" feelings to target me or anyone else telling it like it is. They think like that because they know they can. Just like all government DMV Attitude sponges, they have that,, "I can be an asshole" attitude because I know they can. So cops are just the worst of the lot. They don;t get tickets, nor write a family member a ticket, even in a DUI situation. Nor their best frien, next door neighbor, won't get a ticket by them. That's called not doing your job, or incompetence, a firing offense in any private sector job. But a right of passage in their job.  (Mar 24, 2014 | post #9)

Prentiss, MS

What ever happen to the Beautiful Jefferson Davis County?

I'm new to jd county and don't know how things work yet as far as roadside trash or weeds on the shoulders of the roads, if that is what overgrown means. So is MDOT in charge of all roadside pickup? or just certain highways in the county? Or is the county responsible for trash pickup and mowing of the shoulders? For years I have seen trustee jail gangs, volunteers I'm sure, picking up roadside trash most everywhere I go in Mississippi so surely that is county or municipal prisoners. Does MDOT borrow prisoners from the county or towns for roadside chores? As far as the town pf Prentiss, when I visit the town I haven't noticed, abnormal roadside trash but will start observing closer for curiosity now. The vacant stores on Main St in Prentiss should be a refection on the city fathers for (maybe) complacency at doing whatever they are supposed to do to improve things. If the vacancy problem in Prentiss has gotten, or gets progressively worse, as the years go by, what does that say about the towns officials? Or the towns movers and shakers for that matter. Like I say I'm new to the area so all attempts might have been exhausted in the attempt to better things, pretty things up, but if not, shame on somebody. All the old time locals in the county would know better than me who, if anyone, is at fault. My biggest complaint about Prentiss, so far, is the few eating places and their lack of attention to good food and ambiance. We were eating out in Prentiss quite often but have gradually started staying in for lunch/supper because of mediocrity, at best, at the half dozen eateries. The solutions to their problems would be so easily remedied and free or very cheap to rectify but the places are in denial or just plain lazy to improve their bad or bland food. Sitting in Wards about thirty minutes before closing time one night, we being the only customers in the joint, the help started stacking chairs and sweeping and mopping while we are still at the table eating. Soon we are sitting at the only table that has no chairs stacked on them. There's no excuse for that in my opinion, even in Prentiss. Or am I asking too much from an eating establishment? If the owner is responsible for that what a shame. If the manager is responsible for that and the owner doesn't know it, or care, what a shame too. Wards is just the tip of the iceberg. They all have issues imo. But could all overcome them so easy to be 100%. Better management seems to be the key needed at all establishments.  (Sep 17, 2013 | post #3)