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Jul 25, 2011

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Willits, CA

Willits KOA~Worst Experience EVER!

We arrived @ 9pm, with just enough light to set up our tent, knowing we were only going to stay for a short time, but we were going to make the most of it. Our family was staying there for a few days and we wanted to spend as much time with them as we could. By morning, we decided to explore the amenities Willits KOA offered before checking out by 11am. We chose putt-putt golf. When we entered the KOA office, the elderly woman at the front was rather rude and grumpy. We asked to have golf clubs for our family and once giving her our camp number, she replied, “here you go, but make sure you have them back by 11…you have to check out by then” There wasn’t a have fun, hope you enjoy yourself…just a reminder to be out of their site by 11. Once done with our game of putt-putt, we made sure to have the clubs back by 11 and our tent down and our car out of the site. Mind you, we didn’t use the fire pit, there wasn’t any trash…I paid $46 for a piece of dirt to pitch a tent…that’s it. That by the way is the same price, full hook up cost with water and electricity…and we didn’t have either. Complete scam! Once out of our site at the check out time, we parked over in our family’s campsite to visit for a few hours before we headed out. Before we know it (11:10am), the “owner”, Helena (with an Australian accent) comes over and tells us (the short version) we need wrist bands if we want to stay. We tried to explain, we were only sitting here to visit with family for a couple hours before leaving (of course it was very difficult to get 2 words in without her interrupting or looking away, as to being annoyed) She replied, you must pay the day use price (obviously this woman is only about the money and NOT about courtesy or customer service) Day use price, $10/ adult and $7.50/ child…they were going to charge me for a family of five ( 2 adults, 2 teens and one 10 year old) $47.50, to stay there for a couple more hours. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE OUT OF YOUR MIND!! I’m not staying another night, the “campsite” we used is ready for additional campers to arrive (no cleaning was necessary), why would I ever pay that outlandish price for a couple hours to sit at a picnic table, in a campsite our family already paid for??? Now, I can see if their camp grounds were full to capacity and our additional five people was causing an overflow…they had only a quarter of their camps taken…no where near “full”. When I tried to explain, we arrived late last night and haven’t enjoyed all her KOA had to offer, she replied “not my problem you arrived late” WOW! I would have been more then happy to move my car into their overflow parking and paid a small fee to park there while we visited and enjoyed a little more of what her KOA offered…BUT NO, that wasn’t an option. She wanted her $47.50, or get out!! Not only has this KOA lost our business, but they have lost ALL our family’s business as well. And, we’re not a small family. PLUS, all the friends we will speak to about the terrible customer service and lack of human compassion and kindness. You would think, in this economy, business owners would want these traits to keep their business in business! Being a business owner myself, I know I would.  (Jul 25, 2011 | post #1)