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Dec 15, 2010


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Young Harris, GA

95.1 fm closing for good

Rumour has it that 95.1 FM is closing down the station is up for sale and with the new year coming on the station is not making money I have a friend that is friends with the Owner and he cannot spend the money on the stations any more!!  (Dec 30, 2010 | post #1)

Blue Ridge, GA

Reinhardt University Epworth Cohort

Reinhardt University Epworth Cohort is a big joke! I attended said college for awhile and was screwed three ways from Sunday! It was reported in August, by Fox 5 Atlanta, that Reinhardt main campus is under investigation for fraud. Parents, if you have a child that is looking at college do not send them to Reinhardt. They have serious problems with their staff. There are no office personnel to assist students at Epworth. If you have a problem, you must call the main campus and be routed through a phone tree where you leave messages that go unanswered. As a student, I was not issued a student ID number for 8 months! Generally, this is standard operating procedure. Then, I found out that I have been billed twice for classes that I have not even taken. Also, I was enrolled in classes at main campus and received an ‘F’ in the course for not attending. I never knew I was enrolled at the main campus because I had always been registered at Epworth. The professors drove here from Reinhardt in Waleska. They have no local people teaching courses at Epworth anymore. My Spanish professor would skip a week of class simply because she did not want to drive up here. Excuse me? If I am paying $5000.00 dollars a semester I expect a professor that will show up to class!! By the way, this class only met once a week.  (Dec 15, 2010 | post #1)