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Sep 8, 2012

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Brunswick, GA

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Hi, My boyfriend and I are expecting our first child and of course we're thinking about finances. For some reason he's been hearing that the Brunswick Ports have a better opportunity to get chosen to work than here in Savannah. He's been trying to get on down here for almost a year and a half with no luck. He's always meeting new people and trying to network so that he can be--I guess chosen! He says that if he's chosen he can make really good money--It's so bad down here that there is a homeless community of people who give up their jobs and homes JUST for a chance to be chosen to work for the port! Along with seniority, being a major factor there's also the fact that 300-500 people can be out there at a time trying to get chosen as well. My point of this topic is: Is it the same in Brunswick as it is down here? He is determined to make his way up there soon because of all the rumors he's been hearing. Is he wasting his time or is it worth it? Thanks so much in advance  (Sep 8, 2012 | post #1)