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Aug 3, 2010

Jazz and B1ues Notes Profile

Q & A with Jazz and B1ues Notes


Fountain-Proving Wraith


Bootheel Farm


Older, Quiet Neighborhood

Local Favorites:

Lectures and theater productions, Library (not the "art" in front of it - ugh!), Downtown (during day), MLK Trail, River Bluffs (sketching).

I Belong To:

Faith-based church, writer's round table, God, my family and friends, citizen involvement in the political process

When I'm Not on Topix:

Teaching, writing, editing, sewing, landscaping, designing, practicing piano/organ, listening to family and friends, researching as to projects.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Read. Or not. Up to you. :)

I'm Listening To:


Read This Book:


Favorite Things:

Time with family and friends, completing a project on deadline planned, my work with children, my volunteer work, reading, writing, and music.

On My Mind:

Family, friends, work, completing the to-do lists

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Am moderator of three, only have to be on them twice a week, but check in at some point each day.

I Believe In:

God, His Word, angels, miracles, and the inspiration that He places a dream in our heart at conception and gives us the potential to live life to the fullest through that dream, but it is up to us to unlock the door to that awareness and to take the migrations in life from the sheltered comfort zones to reach and find that dream and see it through to maturity. I believe, also, that God has reasons for the failures and that He compensates and brings into our lives people and circumstances that clearly mark the path toward where He would have us be in His Perfect Will, as far as fulfilling that potential innate within us, at the moment of conception. No road is too rough and no rejection is so painful, that He cannot use that to bring the dream potential to full maturity. Trust brings about the knowing that nothing ever gets us down, no matter the moment of challenge or the discouragement that abounds. We know, in Him, when we are challenged so sorely, that "This, too, will pass" and all things work to the good, because we have believed in Him, through it all. We are who we are, in Him, Who created us, and He makes no mistakes. The world cannot take away anything He has given us. I believe and KNOW, for not only have I been persuaded, but I have been running the race, so put before me, and I have read the last chapter in the Book, and KNOW how the story ends. (Thank You, Heavenly Father. Amen.)