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May 10, 2013

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Tea Tree Oil kills Scabies and Head Lice

I should have added to my post above .... the main reasons why scabies doesn't seem to go away and re-appears on some people is simple: Insufficient application. Miss one bit of skin or one pregnant mite or egg and you've wasted your time. Insufficient washing of all items slept in, worn or touched in the last 48 hours. Scabie mites can live for 72 hours off the human body. That means on your couch and chairs, on your rugs and mats, wherever you've undressed or stuff you've touched. Avoid for 3+ days if you can't clean or wipe thoroughly with alcohol swabs or good old methylated spirits or very hot water. Sit on seats covered with plastic garbage bags if you have too. EVERY person living in/regulary visiting the house HAS to be treated. Pets don't.  (May 10, 2013 | post #2)


Tea Tree Oil kills Scabies and Head Lice

I have successfully treated scabies (on myself and children) and head lice on the kids using tea tree oil. I’ve read a lot of misinformation about home treatments on both and the following advice came straight from my doctor who sees these skin parasites day in and day out. The usually advice about hot laundering ALL bedding, clothing, hair brushes, towels etc and having a hot bath or shower before treatment MUST be done. For items not suitable for a very hot wash like shoes place them in the freezer for a minimum 24 hours. Vacuum all floors as well. Use WATER MISCABLE tea tree oil. In Australia there is a brand sold in supermarkets called Eureka that is 20% tea tree oil. It can be diluted with ordinary tap water for very sensitive skin down to a 10% solution. The main reason water miscible tea tree oil is better over pure oil is that it is readily absorbed into the outer layer of skin where mites burrow. Apply 20% or 10% strength to EVERY part of the body including face but avoid getting any in your eyes. Don’t miss one bit of skin! Dress in clean clothes and shower/bath after 24 hours. Re-apply for two days. Repeat a two day treatment after 3 to 5 days. It mixes readily with equal parts of hair shampoo for head lice (and eggs) and only has to be left in the hair for 15 to 30 minutes. Yes you stink like tea tree oil. Yes it can sting sensitive bits for a while and yes if you touch your eyes with it or with your oil covered fingers afterwards it stings like hell but it works. It’s also cheap. Around $8 a 200ml bottle. It is not sticky like oil based applications, your skin feels ‘dry’ after 10 minutes or so and after 15 minutes you no longer notice the smell which isn’t that unpleasant. Repeating two important necessities; Water miscible tea tree oil, minimum 10% strength Applied to EVERY bit of skin except eyes. Don’t forget the ears and use a bit of oil mix on a cotton bud for the insides.  (May 10, 2013 | post #1)