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Sep 26, 2010


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Q & A with JasonStorm


"Stand and Fight"


United States



Local Favorites:

Ringside Martial Arts and Fitness Center/Drajon Tactical Outfitters/FDC(now Linxx) Martial Arts Academy/Aggressive Def. Solutions/C2 Shooting Center

I Belong To:

GOA/USCCA/Scientific Fighting Congress/Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

When I'm Not on Topix:

I serve my country/I am spending time w/ my girlfriend/I work out to stay in shape or practice combat shooting/reality based self-defense.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I'll tell it like it is and I might enlighten you.

I'm Listening To:

my instincts and intuition

Read This Book:

"Concealed Carry Essentials" by Bruce Eimer

Favorite Things:

guns/reality based self-defense/cigars/gourmet coffee/functional fitness/reading/internet forums/coin collecting

On My Mind:

The accomplishments I made at the concealed carry course and first time competitive shooting.

Blog / Website / Homepage:


I Believe In:

Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior/2nd Amendment and the Constitution/individual right to self-defense/finding out the truth in Obama's citizenship and if there is clear proof that he is not a born US citizen, force him to resign or impeach him out of the Presidency/ repealing all existing gun control laws as well as repealing Obamacare/moving the mosque from ground zero to another location/separation of church and state/small,less-intrusive govt./US sovereignty/equal rights/legal immigration(securing the borders)/death penalty/efficient criminal justice system/truth in sentencing/police ethics/no lawsuits in self-defense/careful govt. spending (reduce giving aid to other countries and use it to solve our nation's problems)/strong military (raise the pay)/no benefits to illegals/legalizing all drugs/banning the BATFE (most abusive Federal law enforcement agency in the nation)/some corporal punishment/personal accountability/our govt. officials and police being public servants, not rulers/faithfulness and trust in a marriage or a relationship