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Jun 30, 2007

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Orlando Sentinel

Voyage through Venezuela dishes out tasty respite

Ouch!  (Sep 30, 2008 | post #2)

Orlando Sentinel

Two separate accidents involving mothers and children lea...

With a tragedies like these, and this is your response, no you are not the "Swamp Rat", you are a maggot, by the way you should never use Swamp Rat, as he Don Garlits is a decent human being, unlike you ,maggot  (Sep 30, 2008 | post #3)

Orlando Sentinel

Woman dies on Central Florida Parkway, infant hurt

Things like these two wrecks break my heart, so very sad.  (Sep 30, 2008 | post #8)

Orlando Sentinel

Lawyers for condemned child-killer file last-ditch civil-...

Please kill this worthless MF as soon as possible, and make it slow ,and painful.  (Sep 23, 2008 | post #237)

Orlando Sentinel

Sarah Palin visits The Villages

Oh ,and congrats on your daughter, hopefully you will never face a situation like that, oh by the way I was one of those out of marriage births from a family that was wayyyy to liberal, but hey,I saw the light, oh, and by the way when your daughter does have children, enjoy them, they are an awesome gift.  (Sep 22, 2008 | post #543)

Orlando Sentinel

Sarah Palin visits The Villages

Spare me your b.s., if that were the case no one would dare say anything due to obama's race,it also amazes me how the dems , the "party of inclusion", are the people with by far the nastiest things to say....but then they believe in killing unborn children in the name of convenience.  (Sep 22, 2008 | post #539)

Orlando Sentinel

DJ, Blink-182 drummer expected to make full recovery afte...

Man if this isn't a "come to Jesus" moment for these two survivors I don't know what is, so sad everybody couldn't walk away.  (Sep 22, 2008 | post #1)

Orlando Sentinel

Man killed in suspected drug deal

Idiots, drugs, and guns....a nasty mix.  (Sep 22, 2008 | post #1)

Orlando Sentinel

Sarah Palin visits The Villages

A brain, a backbone,high moral standards,and a lack of arrogance ,and ego, what a breath of fresh air she is, to bad she isn't running for president, good luck Sara!  (Sep 22, 2008 | post #360)

Orlando Sentinel

Does more ethanol mean less mileage?

Ethanol is a great fuel for certain applications, as for efficiency in everyday driving it is not, here are comparisons of the energy(btu's) contained in commonly used fuels http://www.cogener nergyConversionand Equivalence.htm  (Sep 22, 2008 | post #21)

Orlando Sentinel

Woman, 31, is accused of photographing, videotaping sex w...

Oh I agree, heck the sexiest woman I ever met was kidding, and I've seen a few in their teens that well, uhhhh ,already looked pretty rough.  (Sep 17, 2008 | post #84)

Orlando Sentinel

Woman charged in sex with 5-year-old on trial in Sanford

put a round in her head ,and be done with it.  (Sep 15, 2008 | post #50)

Orlando Sentinel

Haitians work to help ravaged homeland

I agree!, I will say the video I've seen out of the island is heart breaking, I hope the scum will keep their sick comments to themselves  (Sep 15, 2008 | post #2)

Orlando Sentinel

Two women shot to death in Orange County

Jerry , I am sorry to hear this was a loss so close to you, one thing i would like to say , is if you come to these boards at all you will find the lowest forms of humanity posting sickening things here, again ,sorry for your loss.  (Sep 12, 2008 | post #114)

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