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Apr 18, 2012

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what do white american men think of muslim women ????

Hello, I didnt know where to get answers for a question I have. Please if anybody can give advice it would make things so much easier. I'm a 15 yr old non-Muslim male, I believe in God but not the Bible, church, etc. There is this Muslim girl who rides my bus, I find her very beautiful and cant stop thinking about her. I think its because 1. She's so pretty. 2. The Islamic way of life. 3. And that, from what I've read, she looks decent and respectable + high moral values. I dont know how to approach her, or even if she is able to dare me, I've read some stories of Muslim female w/ non-Muslim male. Just hoping someone can give advice as to what to do or say. I'm always polite and let her get off bus first in hope that she might say something to me, but she just smiles at me. I get a srong feeling though that she likes me too. Please anyone respond.  (Apr 18, 2012 | post #17)