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Feb 1, 2014

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New Possible Young Entrepreneur. Seeking Mentorship

Hi. Not even sure if this is the right place to post this, but, I am 18, and plan to be attending college this year or the next. I have, for as long as I can remember wanted to be an entrepreneur. My plan was to start a soap making business as an "cottage industry". The problem with that is, the more research I do, the less feasible I realize it actually is. I am a broke teenager, and obviously it would take quite a bit of money to start up a soap business, coupled with all the time it would actually take for labour, marketing, the fact that people are less likely to pay $6 for a bar of soap (despite all of the hard work and time it requires). Add all of that together and you get bankruptcy. At least for a few years which is time that I don't feel I have right now. I am not looking for a get rich scheme, but I would at least like to make some profit for whatever business I get myself into, if only about $20,000 annually. What kind of business would be ideal for me? I realize this can seem as I am asking for you all to do all of the hard work and think up ideas for me, but me being inexperienced, with very, very limited funds, I was hoping some of you can lend me some of your expertise just out of the kindness of your hearts. Thank you, JasmineLoA  (Feb 12, 2014 | post #1)