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Aug 1, 2011

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promethazine/codeine syrup

who can legitly get this stuff and can provide pictures or feedback? pm me or leave your email if you can help  (Nov 1, 2012 | post #1)

25I-NBOMe (NBOMe-2CI) anyone know the effects of this chem?

i heard use propylene glycol but how much would i want to use for the whole gram and how many squares of blotter do you think i would be able to get out of the gram? i also should have some 25c-nbome here in the next few days aswell.  (Oct 16, 2012 | post #96)

25I-NBOMe (NBOMe-2CI) anyone know the effects of this chem?

How would i turn my 25i-nbome into a liquid properly i have a 900 sqaure sheet of blotter and have a gram of it can anyone help guide me to the right way of turning it to a liquid the best way  (Oct 16, 2012 | post #95)

Denver's Supplier in Argentina looking for US distributors

Im sorry to here that FL im in FL too and i dont know why he didnt send yours first since you made a larger order. Hopefully that wwill change and will happen for now on.  (Aug 26, 2012 | post #262)

Denver's Supplier in Argentina looking for US distributors

Got my order today and the packaging was very good in the mail truck something heavy must have been on top of it at some time. So with that being said 5 of the Alplax bars (Gadors) broke but i talked to Arg am i am sure that he will make it right for me since a mistake happen already and for the misunderstanding he sent another package just by regular mail since i wasnt in a hurry to get them so regular mail is fine for this little package that he threw in for the inconvenience of it not being sent all at once. But other than that they are real deal holy field no fakes and he has great packaging. also i made my order on the the 17th tracking number was in system on and on the 19th it reached the sort facility where it goes when it first hits the USA and then i received it on the 25th so it took 8 days for it to arrive and probably another 10-14 for the regular mail he sent to makeup for the mistake that happen. I have been scammed a lot on different sites and can usually tell when there legit by having good convos witht the seller etc. And he seems to be on top of his game even though he might not have enough on hand for some peoples order but he is established in a pharmacy of some type so he will go get the amount you need after you tell him and then he will have them in his hands when your ready to send the money and such To me he is very legit and on top of his game and i will be dealing with him a lot from now on Regards, Jarrod  (Aug 26, 2012 | post #256)

Denver's Supplier in Argentina looking for US distributors

Well i have made a order from him for 60 gadors and some broke while taking them out and he asked if i wanted to replace them with some denvers as i was grabbing a couple of them just to try them and i told him to go ahead and replace some of them with the denvers and he threw in 1 2mg denver clonazepam tablet as i said i wanted to try those to see how they were and then he also got more gadors and the denvers to replace the broken ones. He told me he sent it express so and would be sending the ones that he replaced the broken ones with since the first order already was taken to the post office so he asked did i want to wait and have him just send the ones he owes me with my next order if i wanted him to send them out in another package. He also took pictures of the product while they were still in the blister packs and took picture of the front back of the packages the exp. date and also took pictures of him packaging it and took a picture through each step he did in doing so. In my opinion and i have been scammed before on here and other sites and everything looks pretty good in my opinion. I also got a tracking number since he sent it to me express and he said he never really used express that much and he didnt give me the tracking number until i asked him for it but he gave it to me then and it has the right letter that are suppose to be in it from that country. The Number isn't in Usps system yet but i have Argens website to look things up its just in spanish and i cant read it lol. So i'll just wait until it registers in the US. Will keep you all posted on how things go and i sent i got 60 gadors and a few denvers with this order and it is my first one and i paid for 3-6day shipping but he didnt send it that way ended up sending it express and is throwing me some more xanax for it and the inconvinece from the ones that broke so i will be getting compensated for that happening when he sends the ones he owes me. I hope that all goes well with my order and with every one else that has made a order with Arg, but from what i can tell everything looks good with the pictures, and the tracking number even though it still isnt registered until it reaches the US. I will keep every one updated with what is going with my order and if it arrives then i will post pictures so that people see that some one got there order and everything arrived safely. God Bless,  (Aug 18, 2012 | post #99)

Samples of some xanax and some ketamine

And possiblly oxy 15s and 8mg diluadids.If anyone is interested plz leave your email on here or pm or your email. *SAMPLES ARE NOT FREE* but i am willing to just do small orders so people can see that i am legit with the samples i am trying to send out to get some ppl on here to post good reviews as i havent been on here in awhile and have just started back on here and im starting back up so if anyone is interested in anything then pm me or leave or email and i will email you and let you know what all i have and the prices and such take it from there  (Jul 16, 2012 | post #1)

Actavis promethazine/codeine syrup f2f DALLAS tx

its not that strong compared to american made kinds that i have had in the past.  (Jun 25, 2012 | post #47)

Actavis promethazine/codeine syrup f2f DALLAS tx

yes they do make 1 liter bottles from pakistan made by sanoofi aventis peach mint flavor  (Jun 20, 2012 | post #45)

GHB, GBL wanted.

I can still get GBL in powder form in bulk. PM me your email and let me know what its about and i will contact you with further information on the product.  (Jun 20, 2012 | post #60)

scot_vals is back MDMA in stock now

scat vals still in biz if so bump this thread with your contact info or let me know if its still the same as i am intested in some mdma as long as i can see a picture of it dont on a marquis test etc  (Jun 20, 2012 | post #843)

2mg xanax bars for sale (GG249)

no wait till i get my supply since i haven't been on the comp lately due to no internet but once i get my supply then i will show you that i have the real deal stuff from India. and pure ketamine crystal as well just working my way back up i will also have other benzos and pictures of every product i have along with what ever you want me to have written next to the product i will be on here more now since i am only wanting to do most my business online on the sites on members on. i also will have varieties of different products not just benzos opiates and pharmaceuticals  (Jun 20, 2012 | post #28)

Actavis promethazine/codeine syrup f2f DALLAS tx

you can get 43 oz bottles from a company in pakistan but its bullshit and watered down and peach mint flacor i didnt like it at all... my connect has one pint left and he has pictures of it and all if anyone wants it before he might sell it..  (Jun 20, 2012 | post #42)

2mg xanax bars for sale (GG249)

Im willing to do bushiness with you just email me and will set up a small order. and you can leave some feed back since the ppl that day they will never do  (Feb 19, 2012 | post #26)

2mg xanax bars for sale (GG249)

all i have is Pex-2 now  (Feb 18, 2012 | post #22)