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Aug 4, 2013

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Charleston, WV

Spruce School of Real Estate???

Billy was very helpful on the first night explaining the expectations and giving an overview of the course. Billy was available through chat during the on-line class, stayed over afterwards to answer any questions, was available by phone or e-mail.  Wonderful open communication!I believe that the instructor was the most beneficial asset to the class.  Loved the books and the reading material, especially the gray book.  However, during the on-line class he went to great lengths to make the class memorable and easy to understand, i.e. chattel, root word "cattle" , moooovable...for personal property. I am 100% pleased with the class.  I would not change a thing about the way the instructor presented the material.  I loved that I could join class every evening and the time was great.  The ONLY suggestion that I have would be to help us use/understand the real estate calculator that was included in our orientation packet.  Other than that, I think that the course is superb!  (Aug 4, 2013 | post #4)

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