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Apr 21, 2011

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Richmond, IN

Is all u ppl do is run ur mouths?

Yes. Everyone runs their mouths on here. But who cares. Everyone has an opinion and not everyone will like it. But oh we'll. this is topix. The talk $hit place  (Jun 28, 2015 | post #7)

Richmond, IN

Should child support be abolished

This is stupid. I pay all 3 of my child supports. It's part of life. We make them so it's our responsibility to pay for them. Only dead beats would not pay  (Nov 25, 2012 | post #150)

Richmond, IN

cell phone coverage; which provider has best coverage

I hear straighttalk is good, cheap and reliable, but they use verizon towers and verizon customers have priority over them.  (Apr 3, 2012 | post #2)

Richmond, IN

Olive Garden: American flag display would disrupt dining ...

guess i am not going to olive garden anymore..  (Apr 3, 2012 | post #32)

Connersville, IN

nasty people in connersville

I despise that comment. I am 33, havce a shaved head and lost all my teeth in the Marines so does that make me nasty or something?  (Jan 7, 2012 | post #8)

Connersville, IN

James Hall - - - Anyone know him?

And im sure you dont know me. funny your afraid to say who you are. talk shit here cause ur afraid to say something to me? Ur either some chick who i made mad cause i didnt want u or ur sum puss who cant say who they are, talk all u want here, dont see u doiong it to my face.. and if u do know me, then u know where i am and u can say what u think to me anytime.. dumb stupid people  (Dec 21, 2011 | post #14)

Connersville, IN

James Hall - - - Anyone know him?

yeah dont think I know you either. was wondering lol  (Dec 20, 2011 | post #11)

Connersville, IN

James Hall - - - Anyone know him?

haha a real name is good, hell mine is on the TOPIC at the top lol. and a pic, i can do that too. unlike most of these people.  (Dec 20, 2011 | post #7)

Connersville, IN

James Hall - - - Anyone know him?

HAHAHA nice. Bitchslapper, You had to put my name ou there? why dont u just ask me, ..... for real - hah i may not have teeth (for a reason) but never had any complaints about it, and u cant tell unless u look hard.. Gina - if u want to know your welcome to get ahold of me also.. im not shy... Tho its nice to know im thought of out here in this miserable pityful town lol  (Dec 19, 2011 | post #5)

Hagerstown, IN

no excuse to be broke

of course there is no excuse to be broke, thats why we have welfare and give money to the ones who dont want to work  (Dec 18, 2011 | post #2)

Hagerstown, IN

nick lakes???

i dont know nick lakes, but ill take the 100 to go to his face and say he is nasty  (Dec 18, 2011 | post #4)

Connersville, IN

mercedes boyer

Spread her legs for anyone? Hmm who is mercedes? lol jk  (Dec 18, 2011 | post #13)

Connersville, IN

child molesters are people too

The military needs budget cuts because we spend so much money on paper targets for practice.. WHY? WHY waste our money on paper? Child Molesters can make WAY better target practice i think.. and there FREE.. and the more Molesting Targets we use, the MORE we SAVE money... think about it  (Dec 9, 2011 | post #107)

Connersville, IN

how much does a us marine get paid???

Ever wonder if the schools these days teach the kids wrong or something? Maybe after so many years of history, every year more and more of the same story changes, you add things and erase things, and the original is lost in space.. YEAH. We should not have been in Vietnam, should have kept out of it.. But we went there, people died, and kids only say what they learn from school or their parents.. so maybe we shouldnt DOGG the ones who dont know.. Teach them.. not rag on them for not knowing..... just my opinion  (Dec 9, 2011 | post #91)

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